Movie Trailers to Finally Get Time Limits?

If this indeed comes to pass it will be a big boon to mankind…apparently trailers are going to have time limits on them in the future.

Germany gears up for cyber war

The German Army held its first cyber warfare military exercise open to the public earlier this week and a select core of tech hacks were there to see what it was all about.

Worldwide spam war breaks out

A spam-a-lam-a-ding- dong has erupted between a group dedicated to fighting spam and a Dutch outfit which hosts a few spammy sites.

NATO's Tallinn Manual outlines rules for cyber-warfare

A number of prominent military officials believe cyber warfare is one of biggest threats  the United States is facing today.

US considers annihalating hackers

The US military is wondering if it is OK to kill hackers who are using their skills to bring down important infrastructure.

Anon hacktivists target Chicago Police Department

A hacktivist group loosely associated with Anonymous targeted the Chicago Police Department over the weekend as mass protests against NATO spilled over into the digital realm.

Fake Facebook account used to target NATO commander

Chinese spies created a fake Facebook profile of US Navy admiral James Stavridis and used it to cosy up to his colleagues around the world.

Video: Kabul combat hits YouTube

The Taliban recently launched a coordinated offensive against the U.S. embassy in Kabul with gunfire, mortars and suicide bombers.

Anonymous claims breach of NATO security

Anonymous is at it again. The hacker collective says that they have broken through NATO security and accessed a significant amount of restricted material.

Spanish police arrest three in Anonymous crackdown

Spanish police have detained three cyber activists allegedly associated with the cyber collective known as Anonymous.

Dutch radio enthusiast intercepts NATO transmissions over Libya

A Dutch radio enthusiast monitoring the airwaves during Operation Odyssey Dawn has managed to identify tail numbers, call signs and movements of various NATO aircraft operating over Libya.

NATO targets the Cloud for improved command and control

NATO has selected IBM to participate in a strategic technology project aimed at improving data center efficiency and optimizing information sharing between its 28 member nations.

NATO details cyber defense plans

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is optimizing the dissemination of intelligence data, while simultaneously improving the protection of alliance networks.

US eyes NATO-powered cyber shield

US Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn believes NATO must construct a "cyber shield" to protect critical Alliance infrastructure from hostile digital threats.