NASA lacks coherent direction, says government report

A report sponsored by NASA has concluded that the agency is failing to inspire the world, the nation or even its own staff, and is unlikely to achieve long-term objectives such as a manned Mars landing.

Retreating glaciers could affect water supplies

Glaciers in the eastern and central regions of the Himalayas are retreating at an ever-increasing pace,  while those in the western Himalayas may even be growing.

Should NASA train astronauts in a post-shuttle era?

A new report published by the National Research Council recommends that NASA should "take steps" to maintain a highly trained astronaut corps - even as the United States enters an extended post-shuttle era.

Space junk threatens satellites and space station

A recently published report warns that space junk poses a clear and present danger to orbiting satellites and the International Space Station (ISS).

Navy 'underprepared' for climate change

Climate change could have major implications for the US Navy, a report from the National Research Council has warned.

NASA should concentrate on Mars, says committee

Mars and Jupiter's moon Europa should be NASA's main areas of focus over the coming decade, according to a report from the National Research Council.

Biometric recognition systems inherently fallible, says NRC

Biometric systems - designed to automatically recognize individuals through characteristics such as fingerprints, voice or face recognition - are all flawed, says the National Research Council.

Ocean acidification intensifying, says committee

The oceans are acidifying more quickly than at any time in hundreds of thousands of years, the National Research Council has reported to Congress.