Firefly finally a ratings winner

Time has proven to be the best friend of Firefly, which wasn’t exactly considered a hit show when it first aired ten years ago, but it’s obviously managed to attract a very strong cult following today.

Firefly special goes live in November

It really is remarkable how much love there is for Firefly these days, and it reminds me a bit of how Star Trek wasn’t a hit in its initial run, but later became one of the most important franchises in sci-fi history.

Why Firefly shouldn't return

We all know the story of Firefly, the sci-fi/western that went unappreciated for 10 episodes and was unceremoniously cancelled before even a full season run.

Dr. Horrible sequel in development

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog was originally made as a serialized web series in 2008.

Robot Chicken preview infiltrates the Legion of Doom

The Cartoon Network has released a trailer for its upcoming DC Comics special episode of Robot Chicken.

Joss Whedon does Shakespeare

Bellweather Pictures has announced the completion of principal photography for Much Ado About Nothing.

Nathan Fillion checks out Arcimoto’s new EV

Oregon-based electric vehicle manufacturer Arcimoto recently unveiled its SRK prototype called the Red 5 in Eugene.

Nathan Fillion or Malcolm Reynolds?

Nathan Fillion - aka Captain Malcolm Reynolds - says pining Firefly fans often relate to him as if he was still commanding the starship Serenity, along with Zoe, Jayne and Wash.

Science Channel revisits Joss Whedon's Firefly

W00t! The Science Channel recently acquired the rights to Joss Whedon's Firefly and will be airing the popular series alongside commentary from physicist Dr. Michio Kaku - who has been tapped to analyze the theoretical science behind the short-lived show.