Tech giants may be huge, but nothing matches big data

When Nasdaq stopped trading this week, it again showed how global firms are at the mercy of a power that created them.

Facebook IPO farce hits Nasdaq bonuses

Nasdaq CEO Robert Griefield is about to get a smaller bonus this year, thanks to his brilliant execution of the Facebook IPO last year.

Software problems impact Facebook IPO

Nasdaq chief executive Robert Greifeld has apologised for a software glitch that delayed Facebook's IPO on Friday.

Report: NSA joins probe of NASDAQ hack

The National Security Agency (NSA) has reportedly joined an ongoing probe of a recent hacking operation that breached the digital perimeter surrounding NASDAQ in October 2010.

Hackers breach Nasdaq network

Little known to the general public, the Nasdaq Stock Market’s computer network has been repeatedly hacked over the past year, leaving federal investigators scrambling to locate the perpetrators and determine their purpose.

And here it comes: Apple market cap exceeds Microsoft's

Apple has now become the most valuable technology company in the world, after end-of-day trading brought the company's market cap to $22.1 billion.