How to probe quantum weirdness in a nano-nut-shell

An international team of researchers has developed an artificial semiconductor structure capable of superimposing a pattern created by advanced fabrication methods that are precise at the nanometer scale.

Nanowire opens door to new devices

A dual-headed research team has completed an interesting act of nanoscale engineering. It is the first nanowire of its kind.

Report: Graphene electronics have self-cooling capabilities

University of Illinois scientists have discovered that graphene transistors have a nanoscale cooling effect.

Team creates most powerful optical microscope ever

University of Manchester scientists say they've produced the world’s most powerful optical microscope, and that it could revolutionize the study of viruses and other diseases.

Samsung touts 20nm NAND for smartphones

Sasmsung has kicked off production of its 20 nanometer (nm) class 32GB NAND chips.