Naked man shoots SWAT robot with AK-47

A police SWAT robot is now undergoing repairs after a stark naked Florida man blasted away at it with an assault rifle.

Kinect doesn’t censor naked female porn stars

No, Microsoft’s Kinect does not censor naked female porn stars. How did we ascertain this important fact, you ask?

American scientists just can't get enough porn

It seems as if scientists working for the Almighty Federal Government just can't get enough porn to satisfy their chronic smut addictions.

Facebook 'clickjacking' traps hundreds of thousands of users

We really hope that if a Facebook friend of yours said they 'liked' a link labeled 'Justin Bieber's phone number', you wouldn't be tempted to click on it.

Playboy goes 3D with naked June centerfold

The June edition of Playboy magazine is scheduled to hit the stores this Friday with a naked, 3D centerfold.

Naked Dell tablet pics Streak across the Web

Pictures of Dell's upcoming Streak tablet lineup were outed and hit the 'Net early this Friday afternoon.