Limewire settles with music industry for $105 million

LimeWire has finally agreed to pay $105 million for promoting illegal filesharing after a protracted five-year legal battle with record execs.

Google teases Android@Home at I/O 2011

Android has thus far contented itself with residing on smartphone and tablet devices. 

But Google wants to shake up the status quo and usher in a new age of Android connectivity.

Google takes on Apple with music and movie rentals

Live from the Google IO conference, the company has officially embarked on a new frontier in entertainment, launching movie rentals in the Android Marketplace and the long anticipated Google Music. 

Video: This robot plays the vibraphone

The one-man band has gone high tech with the introduction of the Vibratron. Yes, this bad boy can pretty much do the job of a multiple percussion players with its unique ability to play multiple vibraphone keys at the same time.

Will Apple's music cloud be free?

Apple could allow users to access certain aspects of its cloud music streaming service for free  - at least initially.

Will Apple's music cloud be free?

Apple could allow users to access certain aspects of its cloud music streaming service for free  - at least initially.

Sting op takes out audio counterfeiting ring

Anyone who has visited New York City knows about Canal Street, which is infamous for its knock-off jewelry and handbags. But the market for knock-offs certainly doesn’t end at Tiffany’s and Chanel.

Spotify forced to limit free streaming music

Spotify AB will be cutting back on its free music-streaming service in an attempt to boost the number of paying subscribers and to prepare for its expansion into the United States.

Stats confirm teens want to buy "cool" Apple products

According to a recent survey, 37 percent of American teenagers are hoping to buy an iPhone in the next six months, where around 20 percent will go big for the iPad. Why?

Former RIAA lobbyist targets "pirates" from U.S. District Court bench

U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell has introduced a landmark verdict making it easier for copyright holders to demand cash payment from people they suspect of copyright infringement.

SXSW + musicians = social music apps

The last day of SXSW marked an interesting shift from discussions about net neutrality and Foursquare to music applications in the mobile space.

Portable music players cause subtle hearing damage

Listening to loud music can make it harder to discriminate sounds - even when the hearing threshold is normal.

Music companies lose two legal battles

The US Supreme Court has ruled that a price-fixing suit against several major music labels can go ahead, rejecting an attempt by the record companies to appeal.

Limewire to close legal business too

Just weeks after closing down its file-sharing site after a four-year legal battle, Limewire has announced that it is shutting its legal online store too.

Apple's Ping gains Twitter integration

Apple's Ping - described at its September launch as the social network of music - has now been integrated into Twitter.

Court awards $1.5 million in music piracy case

Minnesota woman Jammie Thomas-Rassett has been ordered by yet another court to pay the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) for illegally downloading songs, this time being told she must stump up $1.5 million.

Music streaming 'good news' for mobile operators

Mobile operators could make more money by scrapping their download stores and partnering with music streaming providers instead.

French government to subsidise music downloads

The French government has taken a novel step to combat illegal music downloads, and one that many might like to see adopted elsewhere: paying for the downloads itself.

US senators in anti-piracy crackdown

A bipartisan group of US senators has introduced a bill that would grant the Justice Department additional powers to shutter websites offering pirated music and movies.

Federal ruling on Eminem could change online royalty system

Eminem was in the news over the weekend, but it wasn’t just because of his two sold-out shows with Jay-Z in Detroit.