Report: Record labels displeased with Apple's streaming royalty rate offer

Rumors have been circulating for years about how Apple is planning to offer a streaming music subscription service.

The pirates of Angry Birds

The vigor with which the RIAA chases after those accused of pirating music has made the organization one the most reviled on the planet.

Limewire settles with music industry for $105 million

LimeWire has finally agreed to pay $105 million for promoting illegal filesharing after a protracted five-year legal battle with record execs.

Grooveshark fires back at Google after Android Market ouster

In April, Grooveshark was ousted from the Android Market for violating Google’s terms and condition. Now Grooveshark is firing back with a letter addressed to the music industry and in particular, Google and Apple.

Spotify forced to limit free streaming music

Spotify AB will be cutting back on its free music-streaming service in an attempt to boost the number of paying subscribers and to prepare for its expansion into the United States.