Big beats bolster solar cell efficiency

Playing pop and rock music improves the performance of solar cells, according to new research from scientists at Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London.

Poetry is like music to the mind, scientists prove

New brain imaging technology is helping researchers to bridge the gap between art and science by mapping the different ways in which the brain responds to poetry and prose.

Upcycling (disarming) deadly weapons as musical instruments

Music is the universal human language. While music can always be counted on to bring us together, weapons will always drive us apart. Though they seem to be polar opposites, Mexican artist Pedro Reyes has found a way to combine weapons and music into a new and beautiful art form that embodies peaceful rebirth.

Microsoft founder cuts a waxing

No one can say that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has not done a lot with his life. He has been a philanthropist, inventor, investor, cancer survivor and author.

Twitter offers musicians early access to its #music app

Twitter apparently has its very own music app in the works. Although it remains unclear when the platform will go live for the masses, the site has already granted early access to a number of prominent musicians.

Psst... wanna used iTunes collection?

Apple is at least considering a system to allow customers to sell or lend their iTunes content.

Beats plans to spin out Daisy music streaming service

Apple's reportedly in talks with Beats Electronics - the high-priced -headphone maker founded by hip-hop producer Dr Dre and music mogul Jimmy Iovine - about its planned Daisy music streaming service.

Redesigned MySpace opens its virtual doors

If you thought MySpace died a horrible death a very long time ago, well, you probably aren't alone.

Is birdsong really music?

Birds may be moved emotionally by their own music in the same way as we are by ours, suggests a new study on white-throated sparrows.

Rhesus monkeys can't get with the beat

A word to the wise: never, ever, take a rhesus monkey out clubbing - it'll dance more embarrassingly than your dad.

Metallica clinches Spotify deal

For years, some of the world's most popular rock 'n roll and heavy metal bands shunned digital music, allegedly over piracy concerns.  

Xbox Music to start rolling out tomorrow

Microsoft has released details of its Xbox Music service, offering access to around 30 million songs worldwide.

Play movies and music hit Google TV

Mountain View is currently rolling out its full Play platform to Google TV devices.

Illegal downloads given stiff penalties in Japan

Japan is to introduce tough penalties for internet users who download copyright-infringing material - with fines of up to $25,700 and a potential two-year jail term.

Unplugging: Collaborations fueling the musical fire

Artists often like to spice up their sounds by crossing boundaries. One of said boundaries is going into the world of collaborations – working with other artists in order to create something new and innovative.

Unplugging: Music industry plagued by lawsuits

This week, music was inevitably plagued with controversy involving lawsuits, tragedy, politically incorrect statements and more.

Major Pandora update for Android goes live

Pandora has rolled out a major upgrade for the mobile Android version of its streaming online radio app.

Celebrating the OG MTV VJs

As regular readers of TG Daily know, we’re big fans of the good old days of MTV.

Unplugging: A tragic week for music

We regard the music world as a place where anything can happen, and an unfortunate string of tragedies have set the tone for this week.

Improve your piano playing while you sleep

Playing music while you sleep can help improve your ability to play the same tune, new Northwestern University research suggests.