Scientists store Shakespeare's sonnets in DNA

Scientists say they've found a comparatively error-free way to store data in DNA, and have already used it to encode Shakespeare's sonnets and MP3 music files.

Amazon squares up to iTunes with launch of 'free' MP3 music

The CD may be getting a shot in the arm with the launch of AutoRip, a new service from Amazon that gives customers buying CDs a free MP3 version - including any music bought since the company's Music Store started up in 1998.

Google hits out at YouTube MP3 conversion site

Google is threatening to sue a major site that allows users to rip YouTube videos and record them as MP3 files.

Steve Jobs and Neil Young were rockin' in the free world

Classic rock legend Neil Young has confirmed that he and the late Steve Jobs were working to create a new audio format.

The perils of digital decadence

Several years back when I was interviewing someone for an article, I whipped out my trusty tape recorder and the guy just snickered.

Amazon offers unlimited cloud music storage

In a world where 'unlimited' is starting to fall out of favor, Amazon is offering a refreshing deal.

MP3 for phone calls?

Today's cellphones come with some fantastic features - touch screens, whizzy apps, you name it. The one thing, though, that they often fail to offer is the ability to make yourself heard clearly.

Huge increase in deafness linked to iPods

IPods and MP3 players may be making teenagers deaf, new research suggests.

"I Gotta Feeling" surpasses 6 million digital downloads

The Black Eyed Peas' hit song I Gotta Feeling, which has been ranked as the top-selling iTunes track of all time, has now become the first song to be legally downloaded more than 6 million times.

Are your kids getting high on virtual drugs?

Ah, yes, the digital age is truly upon us. Forget about getting high on pot, quaaludes, speed, blow, acid, heroin, opium and yes - whip-its. That's right: digital is in, baby.

Microsoft details IE9 specs

Microsoft has debuted its long-awaited Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Platform Preview.