Mozilla refuses DHS request to ban redirection add-on

Mozilla is resisting an attempt from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to force it to remove an add-on called MafiaaFire Redirector.

Firefox 4 hits 100 million downloads

It was a nice weekend for Mozilla.

Firefox 4 clocks up double IE9's download tally

Firefox 4 is stomping on Internet Explorer 9, having tallied over five million downloads in its first 24 hours of release.

Mozilla optimizes Firefox 4 for speed junkies

Firefox 4 has hit the ground running. The latest iteration of the popular browser is every speed junkie's dream, as it boasts a souped-up JavaScript engine that offers a 2x-6x performance increase.

Firefox 4 slated for March 22

After being put on hiatus for four month, Mozilla announced that it will put the latest version of Firefox up for download next Tuesday.

Mozilla proposes Do Not Track HTTP header

Mozilla is considering introducing a 'Do Not Track' feature into Firefox, allowing users to opt out of online behavioral advertising (OBA).

Latest version of Mozilla Firefox 4 beta goes live

The latest version of Mozilla's Firefox 4 beta is now available for download.

Europeans hatin' on Internet Explorer

It’s official: Mozilla’s Firefox has overtaken Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) to become the numero uno browser in Europe.

Mozilla accidentally posts usernames and password hashes

Mozilla has confirmed that a partial database containing usernames and password hashes belonging to users of was mistakenly left on a public server.

Mozilla boosts Firefox performance with new beta

Mozilla has significantly boosted the performance of its popular browser with a new beta version (7) of Firefox 4.

Mozilla revamps Firefox 4 mobile beta

Mozilla has revamped its slick Firefox 4 mobile beta (formerly codenamed Fennec) for Android and Maemo devices.

Firefox 4 launch scrubbed until 2011

Mozilla's still working hard on getting all the kinks out to a huge update to its Firefox web browser, and as such will miss its previously scheduled deployment window of late 2010.

12-year-old identifies Firefox security flaw, gets $3,000 reward

A 12-year-old professional bug hunter recently received a whopping $3,000 from Mozilla for identifying a critical Firefox security flaw.

Mozilla taps mobile expert as new CEO

The company best known for its Firefox Internet browser has just crowned a brand new CEO, this time bringing in a guy whose past expertise is in the mobile market.

Why Fennec for Android rulez

Fennec is probably one of the best apps ever coded for Android-powered smartphones - even though it is still in beta. And here's why.

Mozilla showcases Seabird mobile phone

Mozilla is showcasing an Open Web concept phone that uses advanced motion capture capabilities and multiple pico projectors to offer netbook-quality interaction.

Mozilla kicks off browser-based gaming campaign

Mozilla has kicked off a Web-oriented gaming campaign in an apparent effort to compete with Google's upcoming Chrome OS and Marketplace.

Fennec does Android

Mozilla has released an official Alpha version of its mobile Fennec browser for users of Google's Android OS.

Mozilla preps Fennec 2 Alpha for MeeGo and Android

Mozilla is currently readying an Alpha version of Fennec 2 for both Android and MeeGo.

Mozilla ups the ante, gives away $3,000 for Firefox bugs

Attention all expert hackers: find a serious vulnerability in Firefox or Thunderbird and you could get $3,000! And a free t-shirt to boot.