Mozilla updates Firefox OS simulator

Mozilla released its first Firefox OS simulator for devs three months ago, while the second version of the app went live in February.

Mozilla says Apple is too closed for iOS Firefox

It's an old argument, but one that certainly rings true for Mozilla. Meaning, Firefox won't be returning to Apple's iPad or iPhone anytime soon.

Mozilla announces partners for Firefox OS

Mozilla says it's got 18 carriers signed up for its Firefox smartphones,  boosting the credibility of its new OS.

Mozilla blocks plugins by default

Mozilla says it's planning to change the way Firefox loads all third party plugins apart from Flash Player, blocking them by default. It will no longer load them automatically, instead using Click to Play.

Running Firefox OS in your browser

So you've tried out Google's Chromebook, own an Android phone, use Apple's iPad and work on a PC that runs Microsoft Windows 8.

Mozilla pulls Firefox 16 over security concerns

Just a day after its release, Firefox 16 has been pulled after the discovery of a serious security flaw.

Yes, Mozilla is prepping a Firefox smartphone

Mozilla claims industry support "is growing" for its plans to launch a lineup of HTML5-centric Firefox smartphones.

Mozilla Junior is Firefox for the iPad

If you've been craving a new user-friendly browser for your iPad, Mozilla has the answer.

Mozilla launches Web app Marketplace

Step aside, App Store and Google Play.

Mozilla’s Firefox is going Metro

The Mozilla Foundation is coding a specialized version of its flagship Firefox browser for Microsoft Windows 8 Metro. 

Mozilla renews search deal with Google

Google will be the default search engine for Mozilla's Firefox for a further three years, following the extension of the deal between the two.

Mozilla rolls out Firefox 8

Mozilla has officially rolled out Firefox 8 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. 

The update boasts new features designed to facilitate easier web browsing, while offering users more control over their online experience.

Bing gets in bed with Firefox

Microsoft has scored a victory in embedding its Bing search engine into Mozilla's Firefox Web browser.

Mozilla optimizes memory management in Firefox 7

Mozilla has released a new version of its popular Firefox browser for Windows, Mac and Linux that optimizes memory management to accelerate web surfing. 

Mozilla orders certificate authorities to check their security

After the recent breach at web security certificate authority DigiNotar, and with fears that others have been compromised too, Mozilla has ordered certificate issuers to get their own house in order.

Mozilla will not axe Firefox version numbers

If you can't keep track of what version of Firefox you are using now, you're not alone.

Mozilla wants a Web-based OS

Four Mozilla devs have outlined their vision of a Web-based OS capable of displacing proprietary, single-vendor stacks for application development. 

Firefox may soon nix "http" from URL bar

When was the last time you actually had to type "http" into your browser?

Mozilla ends Firefox 4 security updates

There will no longer be security updates for version 4 of Firefox.

Mozilla's Firefox 5 goes live

Mozilla has launched a new version of its flagship Firefox browser for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.