Matthew Modine to play Sculley in indie Jobs flick

There's been a lot of talk lately about the independent film titled "Jobs" which depicts the frenetic early years of the Apple co-founder.

Justice League movie inches forward

Some time ago there was a Justice League movie in the works at Warner Brothers that George Miller (The Road Warrior, Happy Feet) was going to direct.

Images stored in box of vapor

Giving a different meaning to data storage in the cloud, scientists have succeeded in storing a miniature movie in a room-teperature atomic vapor.

Ahna O'Reilly to play the female lead opposite Ashton Kutcher in Jobs flick

There are two films about the life of Steve Jobs currently in the works.

Indie Jobs flick goes back to Steve's garage

The Steve Jobs biopic with Ashton Kutcher playing the legendary Apple co-founder will soon kick off production - in the fabled Los Altos garage where the two Steves started it all. 

Melancholia: The psychology of climate change awareness

The movie Melancholia is far from the usual disaster film with its urgent teams of people hunched over computers and racing against time to stop impending doom, that can be stopped by one man alone! 

Happy Star Wars Day!

Star Wars Day is today so "May the 4 be with you!" Yes, this is a special day set aside for fans of the franchise to celebrate all things geeky and good about the original trilogy and complain about the new films - if so inclined.

Avengers on track for enormous opening weekend

You wouldn't think anything would surprise the box office pundits by now, who are paid the big bucks to sit down and figure out what a movie's going to make opening day.

These Star Trek captains are on the bridge

What is one of the oldest geek arguments of modern Star Trek lore? Naming your favorite captain of the Enterprise, of course!

Indie Steve Jobs flick gets detailed

Earlier this month, we reported that Ashton Kutcher had landed the lead role in an independent film about the life and times of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Get ready for a summer of sci-fi

If you’re a genre fan, you don’t just look forward to the summer for the warmer weather, you also look forward to spending hot days in an air conditioned movie theater, checking out the latest blockbusters.

Douglas Quaid is back in Total Recall trailer

Back in the 80s when I was a kid, if there was Arnold Schwarzenegger flick, well, you can bet I watched it repeatedly.

Ashton Kutcher lands lead role in indie Steve Jobs flick

The bigography of Steve Jobs, written by Walter Issacson, has sold like hotcakes, prompting Sony to pick up the rights for a feature film.

Ouija the movie is back

As we reported earlier this year, Hasbro had a big deal set up at Universal where the studio was going to adapt a number of their games including Battleship, Ouija, and Candyland. 

Why Halo the movie is a no go

When Halo became the biggest thing since sliced bread in the gaming world, a film depicting the classic franchise would have been a no brainer, right? 

Say a movie version with Peter Jackson at the helm?

Where is that frakkin’ Battlestar Galactica movie?

When I first heard about Battlestar Galactica coming back from the dead, like I do with most remake announcement these days, I rolled my eyes and uttered "Oh, please." 

Science Center settles lawsuit over anti-Darwin movie

The California Science Center Foundation has settled a legal dispute with a creationist organization over its decision not to screen a documentary promoting intelligent design.

'Avatar' experiments cast light on consciousness

Scientists have been able to 'project' people's consciousness into a computer avatar, in much the same way as happens in the movie.

Do we really need another Logan's Run movie?

Logan's Run, the classic dystopian novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, looks like it will actually be made into another feature film. Eventually, we are surely going to run out of classics film to remake.

Porn in Indonesian parliament bodes ill for censorship plans

Indonesian journalists got a bit of a shock yesterday, when they were treated to an X-rated video courtesy of the government.