Video: MIT's soft robotic fish moves like the real thing

Soft robots — which don’t just have soft exteriors but are also powered by fluid flowing through flexible channels — have become a sufficiently popular research topic that they now have their own journal, Soft Robotics.

ISS moves to dodge space junk

The International Space Station will tomorrow be forced to change orbit to dodge a piece of space junk, Russian news agencies are reporting.

Doomsday Clock ticks a minute closer to midnight

The Doomsday Clock - which represents how close the human race is to destruction - has been moved a minute closer to midnight, thanks to concerns over climate change and international tension.

Is Microsoft's Kinect too expensive?

Is Microsoft alienating core gamers by pricing its Kinect peripheral at $150?

Will Microsoft's Kinect appeal to core gamers?

The Kinect is likely to be a big hit with casual gamers, but will it appeal to Microsoft's core Xbox 360 audience?

Sony Move set to hit US shelves in September

Tired of playing with your Wii? Well, don't worry - Sony's Playstation Move is set to hit US shelves on September 19th.