Motorola prices Xoom tablet at $600 with two-year contract

Motorola’s Xoom tablet - which is priced at $600 with a two-year contract - will be available via the Verizon network on February 24. As expected, the tablet can also be purchased without an agreement for $800.

Motorola Xoom in epic Flash fail

So let me understand this. Motorola wants to take on Apple’s wildly popular iPad with an overpriced $800 tablet that won’t initially support Adobe Flash. Does Motorola think we are all suckers?

No, Motorola's 4G Xoom isn’t worth $800+

Android is undoubtedly one of the coolest mobile operating systems coded in recent years. But it isn't iOS, and the Xoom, for all its tricked-out and superior specs, isn't an iPad. Simply put, the Android-powered Xoom lacks the comforts of Apple's "walled garden" ecosystem. 

AT&T's first 4G phone coming earlier: rumor

Arguably the most anticipated phone to hit AT&T since the iPhone 4 went on sale last year, the Atrix 4G will be the carrier's first to delve into its next-generation mobile network. And now it looks like customers may be able to get their hands on it earlier than expected.

Best Buy may have leaked price, launch date of Xoom

Unless someone went to the trouble of creating and leaking a fake Best Buy ad, it looks like Motorola's Xoom tablet will be available in the big box store on February 24 for $800.

Xoom rumored to be priced at an insane $800

Motorola's anticipated Android-based Xoom tablet has been making a lot of headlines because it's the first to use Android 3.0 and is upgradeable to a 4G connection. But now it's making headlines for a less favorable reason.

Motorola lashes out at bootloading question, apologizes

Motorola's brazen response to the question of why it doesn't allow users to root its phones caught many off guard, and now the company has officially come out to apologize.

Motorola prepares for huge Xoom sales

Could it be true the a million Xoom units will ship when the Android tablet is released next month? Motorola must have a good feeling about the gadget because it's amping up production in a big way.

Motorola Atrix phone aims to replace PCs

All these newfangled smartphones can really do a lot of powerful stuff. But could they really replace you computer? Motorola seems to think so.

Motorola Android tablet looks cool, isn't a "Droid"

We all knew it was coming. Motorola has created the most prolific Android phones yet and it was only a matter of time before the company made official its new Android tablet product. It doesn't carry the instantly recognizable "Droid" name, but perhaps it won't need to.

Verizon's first 4G phone might be a Motorola phone

Is it possible we could see a "Droid 4G"?

Motorola preps mystery tablet for CES 2011

Motorola has released a short teaser video ahead of CES 2011 to hype its next-gen tablet.

Motorola Android tablet seems to be on Verizon

It could possibly be the most important Android tablet yet. With Motorola and Verizon becoming the winning team for Android phones, this speculated project could give the iPad a run for its money.

"Exploding" Droid 2 phone didn't explode at all

It seems as though someone just wanted a lot of attention.

Google shows off Motorola tablet prototype

When it comes to Android, Motorola has become the king. Its family of Droid phones has come to define Google's mobile operating system. So when Motorola begins working on an Android tablet, it's a big deal.

Juicy Motorola Citrus goes on sale tomorrow

Motorola's latest Android device for Verizon is surprisingly not something with the word "Droid" in it. It's the Citrus, a 3-inch, low-end Android device to complement Motorola's growing high-end offering.

Droid Pro will focus on enterprise users

Right on schedule, Verizon and Motorola have announced details of the Droid Pro, the first Droid device to have connectivity availability in areas outside of North America. Verizon hopes to entice business customers with the new global handset.

Apple hits back at Motorola with multitouch patent suit

The patent battle between Apple and Android vendors is hotting up, with a new lawsuit from Apple alleging that Mororola has infringed its intellectual property with its touch-screen phones, including the Droid line.

Verizon issues Droid 2 update, blocks phone modifiers

Verizon has released a minor update to the Droid 2 that it says will help improve battery life and patch up some security issues, but it also puts a bit of a death knell in the phone to users who are toying around with it.

How to overclock your Droid for just 99 cents

Have you ever wanted to overclock your rooted Droid X or Droid 2 but just couldn't be bothered to decipher pages of detailed technical jargon?