Lenovo is Google's nudge stick against Samsung

Hot on the heels of buying up IBM's PC server business, the Chinese manufacturing giant just took the loss-making smartphone manufacturing business of Google. It is these billion dollar debt and more debt transactions piled on top of loss making businesses that have stymied our desire to enter the Fortune 500.

Moto X display goes FTW

Analysts at ABI Research say the display found in the Moto X from Motorola Mobility, a Google company, has the best performance observed in a mobile display to date.

Microsoft to pay peanuts in patent ruling

A Seattle judge has ruled in favour of Microsoft in one of two patent trials putting Redmond up against Google and its Motorola Mobility unit, leaving it with a substantially smaller royalties bill to pay.

ZTE coughs up on Microsoft patents

China's ZTE is paying Microsoft a royalty for devices it makes using Google Android and Chrome operating systems to make sure that it is not patent trolled out of business.

Apple suffers more patent setbacks

It has been a very bad week for Apple on the patent front. First the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) informed Apple that it could not trademark the iPad mini, then it said it would no longer enforce Apple's "rubber band" user interface patent. In other words, the USPTO made it clear that Apple can't go around patenting the English language and Newtonian physics.

Google reports record 2012 revenues

Google's reported fourth quarter revenues of $14.42 billion, up by 36 percent on the same quarter last year - and bringing annual revenues up to over $50 billion for the first time.

Giada debuts ARM-powered desktop PCs

Giada is well known for manufacturing small-form factor desktop computers. However, up until now Giada's PC desktops have been primarily powered by x86 chips and designed to run Windows or Linux as the default operating system.

Motorola designs a Google "X" smartphone

Google-owned Motorola is reportedly working on a "sophisticated" handset that is slated to hit physical and virtual shelves in 2013.

Motorola Atrix HD for devs boasts an unlocked bootloader

Atrix HD developer edition proudly offers modders and devs an unlocked bootloader.

Court throws out Apple patent case against Motorola

A federal judge yesterday threw out Apple's lawsuit against Motorola Mobility, in which it claimed that Motorola was trying to charge too much for patent licenses.

This Samsung smartphone is also a desktop PC

Motorola may have failed to attract the mobile masses with its overly-ambitious WebTop hardware, but that hasn’t stopped Samsung from moving ahead with its Smart Dock for the Galaxy Note 2. 

Razr HD, Razr Maxx HD now support Isis

Motorola has updated its Droid Razr HD and Droid Razr Maxx HD so they can connect with the Isis mobile payment platform.

Motorola offers phone deal due to Jelly Bean

Because Motorola has been slow to roll out its Jelly Bean updates, the company is now offering a pretty good deal.

Motorola's Droid Razr M goes to Jelly Bean

Motorola's recently released Razr M phone is getting the coveted Jelly Bean update.

Atrix 2 finally gets Ice Cream Sandwich

Motorola's successor to the Atrix phone is now getting its just desserts.

Motorola tablets get Ice Cream Sandwich

A number of Motorola tablets are now receiving updates to Android 4.0.

Motorola apologizes for lack of ICS

Now that it is under the Google umbrella, Motorola Mobility is apologizing for its lack of Ice Cream Sandwich updates.

Motorola RAZR i powered by Intel

Motorola Mobility has introduced the Razr i, a slick smartphone that is powered by an Intel x86 chip rather than a RISC-based ARM processor. 

Motorola introduces next generation of Droid Razrs

Welcome to the first major Motorola announcement since the merger with Google.

Edge-to-edge screen for Motorola's next-gen smartphone?

Motorola Mobility and Verizon will reportedly introduce a next-gen smartphone on September 5 that features an edge-to-edge screen and works with LTE networks.