Motley Crue Meets Jackass For The Dirt

Whenever you think of the legendary ‘80’s hair band Motley Crue, you don't usually think jackass, except now one of the creative forces behind the show Jackass will help bring the movie adaptation of their best-seller, The Dirt.

Is this the end of Motley Crue?

There comes a time when every band should call it quits, and in many cases, they don't do it when they should.

Hair bands without hair

These days, having hair isn't important being a musician, you can go chrome dome and let it shine. 

But back in the eighties, especially if you were in a metal or a new wave band, hair was crucial, and many musicians tried to fight hair loss with everything they had.

The brilliant madness of Type O Negative

Back in the late eighties, a friend of mine turned me on to the New York band, Carnivore, telling me they were one of the baddest hardcore bands ever.