Mozzies learn to ignore DEET

The insect repellent DEET is nowhere near as good at repelling mosquitoes as believed, says researchers, with mosquitoes learning to ignore it after just a few hours of exposure.

Malaria-immune mosquitoes could compete in the wild

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute have for the first time managed to engineer the mosquito immune system to block the transmission of malaria.

Genetic modification trial slashes mosquito numbers

Scientists have announced that a field trial in which millions of genetically modified mosquitoes were released in the wild led to a dramtic fall in wild mosquito numbers.

Malarial mosquitoes turning into new species

Two strains of the mosquito responsible for most malaria transmission in Africa are evolving into different species, meaning that techniques to control them may work on one type but not the other.

Star Wars technology zaps mozzies in flight

Your reporter once had to explain to a toddler why it was vital that she take malaria pills on holiday. The child nodded sagely and asked whether she was supposed to throw the pills at the mosquitoes.