Russian space ambitions hobbled by economic reality

Moscow is abandoning plans to design and build a two-stage Rus-M carrier rocket that would have replaced the aging Soyuz by 2015.

How the International Space Station could be evacuated

NASA is preparing for a number of worst-case scenarios that could leave the International Space Station (ISS) without a crew for an extended period of time.

Kaspersky kidnappers demand $4.3 million ransom

Ivan Kaspersky - the 20-year-old son of security researcher Yevgeny Kaspersky - has been kidnapped, with criminals demanding $4.3 million in ransom for his safe return.

Moscow suicide bombing reverberates on the 'Net

Just minutes after a suicide bomber killed 35 people at Moscow's Domodedovo airport, Twitter users posted mobile video phone footage of victims lying on the floor as thick smoked filled the air and a fire burned along one wall.

Sexy Russian spy hits Moscow bank

Sexy Russian spy and wannabe tech-guru Anna Chapman has been hired by Moscow’s FondServisBank (FSB).