Microchips can't get much cheaper despite Moore's Law

Broadcom Chairman and CTO Henry Samueli  has warned that Moore's Law is breaking down and is not making chips cheaper these days.

Intel will win in foundry wars

Moore's Law is eventually going to crush Intel's opposition as companies are unable to pay the huge costs involved in R&D and new process gear.

IBM makes atomic chip breakthrough

Scientists at IBM claimed today that it has cracked a materials conundrum that may well create a new class of memory and logic chips.

These chips are mini Internets

Despite Moore's Law, the speed of computer chips has stagnated over recent years, with manufacturers routinely adding additional cores to increase processing power. 

Intel touts 3D transistors for next-gen chips

Intel has announced plans to introduce an advanced 3D transistor design into high-volume manufacturing at the 22-nanometer (nm) node in its upcoming "Ivy Bridge" chipset.

DARPA redefines extreme supercomputing

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is developing an "ExtremeScale" supercomputer to overcome the "limitations" of current systems.

Intel is gonna be a smartphone contender

Intel has hired former Palm and Apple VP Mike Bell to help the chip company rapidly accelerate its presence in the crowded smartphone market.

Xbox 360 Slim torn down, analyzed and modded

Microsoft has redesigned its latest Xbox 360 motherboard by reportedly combining the CPU, GPU and eDRAM onto a single chip.

Nvidia claims Moore's law is dead...for CPUs

Nvidia's chief scientist has claimed that Moore's law is no longer applicable to the silicon world of CPUs.

Could graphene replace silicon?

Scientists at the University of South Florida (USF) have created an anomaly that could allow graphene to eventually replace silicon as the primary material in electronic devices.