Amazon's domain name applications 'monopolistic', say publishers

Book publishers are uniting to oppose Amazon's application for dozens of new top-level internet domain names, including .book, .read and .author.

The Godfather Monopoly game

No, this story is not another video game based on The Godfather.

Some thoughts on the upcoming Hasbro game movies

We’ve covered the whole games and theme park rides being turned into movies phenomenon quite a bit here on TG, and we just reported on the recent development hell Stretch Armstrong has been caught up in. 

Sixty-year-old woman stabs boyfriend for cheating at Monopoly

There’s a woman in New Mexico who apparently takes her Monopoly very seriously. She repeatedly stabbed her boyfriend after accusing him of cheating at the classic board game.

Can Transformers work without Michael Bay?

It seems as if more Transformers movies are on the way, even though Michael Bay swore he was done with the franchise forever. 

Hasbro wants Transformers 4

Hasbro, which owns hundreds of toy and game licenses, is in talks to produce several more films based on various franchises, including Transformers 4.

Schmidt dismisses search complaints as sour grapes

Google chairman Eric Schmidt yesterday defended the company's practices to a Senate anti-trust panel, but admitted it was a near-monopoly.

Google talks monopoly

It isn't just outsiders slinging mud at Google over its size and status anymore, as even the company's own chairman admitted the firm is "in the area" of having a monopoly on the market.

Ridley Scott's Monopoly has a writing team

As you've been reading on TG, there are currently a number of board game movies under development in Hollywood. 

High-tech Monopoly has built-in computer

100-year-old board games aren't usually the kinds of things worth writing home about, but this is.

Verizon to end AT&T's iPhone monopoly

Verizon is reportedly poised to unceremoniously end AT&T's controversial and oft-criticized iPhone monopoly.