Robotic fish glides almost indefinitely

Michigan State University scientists say their latest robot fish can glide almost forever, using little to no energy, while gathering data on water quality.

Use BitTorrent? You're being watched

Anyone foolhardy enough to download content from file-sharing service BitTorrent is likely to find their activity's being monitored within hours.

Pastebin to police itself for illegal content

The owner of Pastebin - long used by hackers to dump leaked data - has said he plans to start hiring staff to examine the site for dodgy content.

FBI wants to scrape Twitter worldwide

The FBI is considering continuously monitoring all social media sites on a global basis, and is looking for help.

GPS shoes track Alzheimer's patients

California company GTX is now shipping shoes with built-in GPS, designed to monitor the whereabouts of Alzheimer's patients.

Google to face regular privacy inspections

Google's agreed to have its privacy practices monitored for the next 20 years, as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Intelligent T-shirts track vital signs

Scientists at la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid have developed an 'intelligent' T-shirt that monitors people's vital signs and tracks their position.

Chinese bars told to snoop on customers' Wifi use

China's ordering bars, cafes and other places offering free Wifi access to monitor their customers' online activities, according to state media.

FTC-approved start-up checks your Facebook use for your boss

We've all been warned that careless Facebook posting could jeopardize our employment prospects. Let's face it, who's going to hire you after they've seen that photo of you last New Year's Eve?

Americans dubious about free speech online

Americans are far more concerned about companies monitoring their internet activity than about government doing the same thing.

House monitors residents' health

It's a little on the bijou side - but a research team has created an energy-efficient dolls' house which can send alerts if its residents are ill.

Google promises to help governments monitor deforestation

With widespread pessimism about the outcome of the Cancun climate summit this week, there's already one good thing that's come out of it - from Google.

Feds fund $19M in smart grid demos

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) calls it a system that is cleaner, more efficient, reliable, resilient and responsive. We call it the smart grid.

Seven out of ten parents snoop on kids' activity online

The vast majority of parents monitor their kids' social networking accounts regularly, according to a survey from privacy group Truste.

EU-funded system reads public's body language

An EU-funded project has developed a computer system that can read people's body language and react accordingly.

NSA says it's not Big Brother

The National Security Agency has denied that it's planning to monitor  communications on infrastructure networks such as those for the electricity grid and nuclear power plants.