Ancient Antioch meets Google Earth

There's a map of an ancient Syrian trade route that shows how one city's political sway extended farther than once thought. This map isn't a time-worn and mysterious etching on a stone tablet. Turns out it's easily found on a different type of tablet – the kind with apps.

The stats behind those mobile apps

The results of a recent survey confirm that two-thirds of app users have spent money on an application on at least one occasion.

Bitcoin: Is it dying?

Bitcoins were slowly increasing in value. Then some issues came along and they might kill the current version of Bitcoin before it catches on with the public.  

007-style stealth ship is headed for the junk yard

A $195 million stealth ship that served as the inspiration behind the James Bond Movie Tomorrow Never Dies is apparently headed for the junkyard. What a waste.

Bummer: Most of us won’t be able to retire until our 80s

Did you think that you were going to be able to retire in the late 50’s to mid 60’s age range like your parents? Guess again.

Yes, 3D is making money

Sure, 3D has its detractors and, er, rather loud critics. But the format - which is rapidly evolving - still manages to generate a tidy sum of money for a number of Hollywood studios.

Microsoft VP bottles the scent of money

There is nothing like the scent of money to get you motivated in the morning! At least, that's the idea behind one Chicago man's newest fragrance line - aptly called "Money."

Money CAN buy you happiness

It seems your mother was completely wrong - money can buy you happiness, or at any rate satisfaction. But it doesn't necessarily help you enjoy yourself.

New $100 bill uses thousands of lenses, has a 3D effect

The US Treasury Department has introduced a new makeover to the $100 bill, which now has moving images, 3D effects, and changing colors as the most robust anti-counterfeit note in the country's history.