As IPO looms, Facebook changes privacy policy again

Facebook's updating its data use policy yet again, in an attempt to satisfy the Irish data protection authority - and potential shareholders.

Facebook offers gamers virtual credits for watching ads

Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature which allows users to earn credits for watching video ads.

How to make Twitter more useful

Last year, Twitter made it a goal to increase monetization of its social networking site by implementing promoted tweets and running ad campaigns with major brands.

Yes, ads are coming to Skype

Like all good things, the days of an advertisement-free Skype experience seem destined to end.

Twitter users say it's not worth paying for

While half of all Americans use Twitter, not one would be prepared to pay for it, according to a survey.

Twitter launches latest monetization plan

Twitter has taken a tentative step into the online shopping business with the launch of a new service pointing users to deals at online and mainstream retailers.

Twitter URL shortener improves security - and Twitter's profits

Twitter is testing a new URL shortening feature that it says will improve security - and that could also give Twitter a lot more saleable information on its users.

Twitter unveils monetization plans

Twitter has unveiled its very-long-awaited plans to start making money, by, er, bunging ads on the site.