This modular hotel room is off the grid

I just moved into a new apartment in a smallish Colorado city called Longmont. One of my favorite things about the new place is that all windows look out over farm fields with the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in the background. Heaven. It makes me wonder what it would be like to wake up surrounded by wilderness every day…

Building a modular micro house

A child of the 80′s, I’ve had a long and wonderful relationship with Tetris. There’s just something about getting exactly the block you need and then watching those lines disappear that’s deliciously satisfying.

This modular Californian house beats the heat

As people continue to flock to the desert Southwest, designers have looked everywhere for ways to adapt the archetypal single-family home to the extremes of the arid climate.

Slax is bare bones modular Linux

Slax can best be described as Linux-based operating system that runs off a CD or USB flash drive.

Xi3 builds a modular computer

Xi3 is touting a sleek and sexy modular computer that measures less than 4-inches per side.