Track people and valuables within 1 inch accuracy - video

Los Angeles (CA) - Lost and stolen electronics are a fact of life for many businesses, but UK-based and aptly named Covert Asset Tracking Systems Ltd (CATSeye) promises to help recover items with itsline of electronic tracking devices. The company makes matchbook-sized transmitters that can be tracked with GPS, GSM phone towers or even radio frequency. Company reps gave us a quick video demo at the Los Angeles CTIA Wireless convention and even claimed to find items down to one-inch accuracy.

Throw away your pens, OCR hits mobiles phones - video

Los Angeles (CA) - Optical character recognition, the automatic conversion of typed or written text into digital format, has grown up - or more accurately shrunk down to mobile phones. ABBYY has developed an SDK that converts mobile phone pictures into digital text that can then be automatically entered into the phone's address book.

Nvidia chips speed video decoding on mobile phones - video

Los Angeles (CA) - Mobile phones are now able to show smooth, high-quality video thanks to Nvidia's mobile graphics chips. The Nvidia GoForce 5500 chips can decode full-length movies and television shows in H.264 format. At the CTIA Wireless convention in Los Angeles, Nvidia representatives showed us just how good the video can look. See for yourself in the following video.

Panasonic rolls out stylish and light Toughbooks

Los Angeles (CA) - Panasonic has introduced a pair of rugged laptops that are not only stylish, but also light. The sub-four pound Toughbook CF-T5 and CF-W5 have magnesium-alloy cases and can withstand shock, drops and compression. Company representatives showed off the laptops on video and even flipped open the very small optical drive.

LG.Philips LCD develops TFT LCD panel for next-generation mobile phones

LG.Philips LCD announced on September 14 that it has developed what it claims is the industry's first TFT LCD panel for next-generation mobile phones.

Canon rains down four cameras before Photokina 2006

Amstelveen (The Netherlands) - Canon is raining down four new cameras just before the huge Photokina photography conference in Germany. The cameras are aimed at consumers and use the new DIGIC III image processing chip. All the cameras shoot from 7.1 to 10.0 Megapixel pictures and take full-motion VGA video.

Microsoft unveils Zune media player

Redmond (WA) - Microsoft today introduced what the company hopes will challenge the market dominance of Apple's Ipod. Zune is the first media player in this segment to offer Wi-Fi connectivity and carries a name that will allow Microsoft to create a competing brand and product family.

Microsoft to announce Zune player this morning

Microsoft to announce Zune player this morning Microsoft is expected to formally announce its Zune portable media player this morning. Zune will be going head-to-head with Apple's Ipod. According to reports published earlier, the player will be available with a 30 GB hard drive, a 3" color screen and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g connectivity. Pricing for the player is expected to be in the $300 range. UPDATE: Microsoft launches Zune media player

Sony unveils VAIO N notebook for the home

Sony has unveiled the VAIO N series notebook computer line, saying its design can complement any home's motif, and its features will appeal to users who want to balance form with function.

TG Video: Panasonic's Toughbook 18 dropped, shaken and soaked

Los Angeles (CA) - Can your laptop take a beating and keep on ticking? Panasonic believes their line of rugged 'Toughbook' notebooks can take almost any type of abuse and company representatives happily demonstrated this fact on video. Watch as a Toughbook CF-18 is dropped multiple times, shaken and soaked in water.

Samsung to offer Belkin MP3 player accessories

Samsung Electronics, in an attempt to boost sales of its MP3 players, will offer various MP3 player accessories to be made by US-based Belkin on an ODM basis, with volume production to begin later this quarter at the earliest and Taiwan to be among the markets for the first launch, according to Samsung Electronics Taiwan.

Blackberry 8100 Pearl: Ready for primetime?

Chicago (IL) - Research in Motion's new Blackberry Pearl went on sale yesterday and we were lucky enough to pick up one of the much praised devices at a local T-Mobile store. Read our first impressions during the first hours with the new jewel, which aims to push RIM into the consumer market. Click to start the Blackberry 8100 Pearl video ...

Apple intros sleeker and higher capacity Ipods, adds movies to Itunes

San Francisco (CA) - Steve Jobs' ""Showtime"" event today revealed a range of new Apple products. And even the real surprise, a tradition for the company at such events, was not announced, the executive presented a solid lineup of services an devices. A new 80 GB video Ipod, new Ipod Nanos with up to 8 GB capacity, a new Ipod Shuffle, a TV connector and movies for Itunes.

Nvidia Goforce powers mobile TV phones

Nvidia announced that its NVIDIA GoForce handheld graphics processing units (GPUs) are utilized in some of the world's first mobile TV production roll outs.

Kyocera rolls out new "Strobe" phone

MetroPCS and Kyocera today announced the availability of the Strobe, Kyocera's newest mobile phone. The candy bar style phone flips open to reveal a second full color screen and keyboard. When folded out, the phone reveals a QWERTY keyboard and resembles a look much like the Sidekick line of phones offered by T-Mobile. The screen is slightly larger than the one on the outside of the phone to simplify the creation or text messages or make playing small games more enjoyable.

Trolltech predicts first open Linux phones in 2007

Mobile Linux application platform vendor Trolltech ASA predicts that the first phones running an open version of the OS, to which native apps can be downloaded, will appear in 2007.

New filing seen as proof of Apple cell phone

A recent Apple Computer patent filing for a multi-functional handheld device is proof that the company has greater ambitions such as a smart cell phone, one Wall Street analyst says.

Blackberry goes multimedia with new Pearl smartphone

Research in Motion expands its reach deeper into the mainstream with the release of the new "Pearl" smartphone. The phone does not quite follow the security focus that made the Blackberry brand famous: Pearl is much more a lifestyle multimedia smartphone with an attached secure push email feature.

Apple mobile phone due early 2007, analyst claims

Analysts are predicting that Apple will launch a mobile phone in the first half of 2007.

Alienware updates m9700 notebook line with SLI graphics

Alienware is revamping its line of 17" m9700 notebooks by adding new colors and upping the graphics firepower. New "Conspiracy Blue" and "Cyborg Green" colors will be added to the lineup, while the dual graphics cards will be updated to 512 MB Nvidia GeForce Go 7900 GS models. This will give the m9700 1GB of graphics memory.