Lenovo, IBM recall 526,000 Thinkpad batteries

Washington D.C. - Lenovo, IBM and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission today issued a recall for 526,000 Sony batteries in Thinkpad notebook computers. The recall comes after reports that a Lenovo system had caught fire at the Los Angeles LAX International Airport. The latest recall brings the tally to more than 6.4 million Sony batteries that are being recalled due to a fire hazard.

Microsoft's Zune to hit retail on 14 November for $250

Redmond (WA) - Microsoft today announced the official launch its Zune media player. The device will go head-to-head with Apple's video Ipod starting on 14 November and will sell for a lower than expected retail price of $250. See the Microsoft Zune in detail here ...

Asustek shows notebook with "second display" design

At the ongoing Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, Asustek Computer is showcasing a notebook that comes with a small screen on the cover.

Toshiba puts Core 2 Duo processors in new notebooks

Toshiba today announced details of two new notebook computers, each of which is available with Intel Core 2 Duo Processors.

Nokia shows off 5-megapixel camera phone

Nokia today introduced a new addition the list of N-series phones, their high-end line of multimedia phones. The N95 includes a slate of ambitious features, like GPS functionality, a "2-way slide concept" and a 5-megapixel digital camera.

Sirius ships portable Stiletto radio

Sirius today announced a new flagship portable radio that promises subscribers to listen to live satellite radio from anywhere. The S50 tuner, Sirius' other portable radio, lets subscribers play back recorded content on the go as well, but requires them to hook the radio to a car or home dock to actually receive live programming. Another unique feature of the Stiletto 100 is Wi-Fi compatibility, which offers an alternative way to connect to Sirius's Internet radio services and enables users to transfer MP3 and WMA files to the radio for on-demand playback.

First look: Watch out Ipod, here comes ... K5?

Chicago (IL) - If there was ever a chance to convince my wife that her Ipod Nano is an over priced, boring music player, then this is it. I got an opportunity to play with Samsung's latest flash audio player that integrates slide-out speakers and there is no doubt that Samsung has created a device with the necessary genes to cause more than just headaches in Cupertino.

Velocity Micro to sell enthusiast notebook at Best Buy

Best Buy will expand its mobile computer offering into the gaming segment: Velocity Micro today said that its "NoteMagix L80x Ultra" will be available for about $2000 through the retailer.

Face detection expands to Fuji digital SLR cameras in early 2007

Fuji today said that it will ship its Finepix S5 Pro digital SLR camera in early 2007. The camera will be compatible with Nikon F-mount lenses, including the Nikkor AF-D/G and AF-S series.

Samsung increases DRAM output on 0.11-micron node

Samsung Electronics has increased its DRAM output that is using a 0.11-micron process at its 8" fabs to meet growing demand, as it still has issues at its 80nm node, according to market sources.

Vista upgrade coupon to prolong strong notebook sales

Although notebook makers noted that news concerning a Vista launch delay would not affect sales this quarter, Microsoft's Vista free upgrade coupon, due to be available in October, will drive more consumers to purchase a PC in the fourth quarter and PC makers expect the hot season effect to last through the first quarter of 2007.

TomTom to launch 2.8" PND

TomTom, a manufacturer of GPS (global positioning system) navigation products, will launch GPS PNDs (portable navigation devices) with a small-size screen of 2.8" - the first time this screen size has been offered under the TomTom brand - according to OEM makers in Taiwan.

Live Search coming to Nokia phones

Espoo (Finland) - Nokia has struck a deal with Microsoft to embed a mobile version of its Live Search into select Nokia phones. The service will allow users to search for specific items such as stock prices and loval movie show times from their cellphone. Predominantly available for the Nokia N-series of multimedia smartphone handsets, Live Search will complement the existing Mobile Search platform that comes pre-installed on Nokia's high-end phones. Live Search will also be available on select models on Nokia's line of series 60 phones.

Nokia unveils 6288 3G slide phone

Further strengthening its portfolio of 3G devices, Nokia on Wednesday unveiled the Nokia 6288, a 3G slide phone that features a video playback capability.

Microsoft Zune phone may hurt sales of Windows Mobile-based phones

Microsoft's plan to launch a Zune-branded phone might hurt sales of its Windows Mobile platform products since it may compete with Windows Mobile-based mobile devices, according to sources at Taiwan handset makers.

Toshiba recalls 340,000 notebook batteries

Chicago (IL) - Toshiba is the third company to announce major recall of Sony-built notebook batteries within the past five weeks. Following 4.1 million Dell notebooks and 1.8 million Apple computers, Toshiba today said that it is recalling 340,000 notebooks worldwide and 100,000 in the U.S. to replace their battery packs.

Asustek announces availability of R2H UMPCs and R1H tablet PCs

Asustek Computer announced the availability of its two tablet PCs, including a 7" touch-screen Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC), the R2H.

Real Networks embeds Rhapsody music service into Sandisk MP3 players

Real Networks and Sandisk have partnered up to offer MP3 players with pre-loaded music and Real Networks' Rhapsody music service. A new "Sansa Rhapsody" player, based on the Sansa e200 player, will come with almost 32 hours of music from popular artists. The players will also synchronize purchased songs from Rhapsody into the players.

Virgin Atlantic bans Apple and Dell laptop batteries

Virgin Atlantic Airways says it will ban passengers from using Apple and Dell laptops running on battery power for all international flights. Passengers on the U.K.-based airline carrying the laptops can bring them aboard only after removing the battery and storing it in carry-on luggage, according to the company. Read the complete story here. (Newsfactor)

Wilson Cellular shows of cellphone signal booster in a box - video

Los Angeles (CA) - At the CTIA Wireless convention in Los Angeles, Wilson Cellular showed us its mobile phone repeater kit that can add up to 3 watts of power to a phone signal. The kits contain amplifiers, antennas and enough battery power to give 12 hours of talk time. Company representatives showed off the kit in the following video.