L International announces quad-core 24 hour laptop

Your dual-core notebook may soon be obsolete because one company is working on a quad-core laptop that could last 24 hours on a single charge. L International has announced that it is building a fuel-cell powered laptop that runs on either hydrogen or methanol. The laptops will also have a touch-sensitive OLED screen which can operate as a "virtual keyboard".

New Motorola Rokr phone ditches Apple Itunes

Chicago (IL) - Motorola's first generation Rokr phone never met the expectations users had in an Itunes phone. So it is just consequential that the second generation does not only bring a new, more Razr-like design and drops Itunes in favor of another, competing media player. Documents published in the FCC database reveal that the new Rokr will remain a phone that will be very much focused on handling multimedia, but it will be a significant departure from today's model.

Apple files for iPhone trademark - rumor

Culver City (CA) - The long rumored Apple iPhone may become a reality soon. According to the Apple Insider, an online rumor site specializing in anonymous news tips, Apple has files for a trademark for the iPhone. The site says the September 15th filing is still under examination. Click here to see the iPhone's competition ...

Final shipment of Intel Napa products set for end-2008

Intel will complete the last shipment of its 65nm dual-core Yonah processors used in the Napa platform in November of 2008, notebook makers familiar with Intel's latest product roadmap indicated.

Spectec integrates Wi-Fi in microSD card

SD cards with WiFi compatibility have been around for a while. They are used to provide wireless access to PDAs, smartphones, and other compatible electronics.

LG sweetens phone selection with new Chocolate

Not wanting to get rid of its top-selling handset brand, LG today announced that it will be releasing a new phone unofficially dubbed the new version of the Chocolate.

Quanta reportedly starts test production of $100 notebook

Quanta Computer has started test production for the US$100 notebook project initiated by the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) research initiative, and samples should be available as early as November, according to sources within Taiwan's IC design sector.

Intel looks to attract leading notebook vendors for CBB initiative

Next year, the notebook market may see products based on Intel's Common Building Block (CBB) initiative introduced by leading brands, according to sources.

Apple iPods now come with viruses

Cupertino (CA) - It was bound to happen sooner or later, Apple is warning that some of its new iPods are infected with a Windows virus. Apple says that a "small number" of video iPods, produced after September 12th 2006, were infected with the RavMonE.exe virus. The company has received fewer than 25 reports of infected iPods.

Sony recalls own laptop batteries

Chicago (IL) - Sony announced today that it is recalling batteries from its own Vaio notebook computers in Japan and China, adding to the seemingly never-ending list of computer manufacturers affected by a massive recall of Sony brand laptop batteries. An exploded Dell: The beginning of the Sony battery recall disaster...

Lenovo offers biometrically protected hard drives

Lenovo is partnering with Utimaco to offer new ThinkPad notebooks with biometrically secured hard drives. Utimaco has integrated their SafeGuard Easy 4.3 program which will encrypt all the entire hard drive with a fingerprint swipe on select ThinkPad notebooks.

Panasonic intros new Toughbook notebooks

Seacaucus (NJ) - Panasonic today announced new additions to its Toughbook series of notebook computers, the company's line of durable, rugged laptops. Soon to be available, the CF-19 tablet PC and CF-30 clamshell notebook contain the latest technology in battery life, wireless connectivity, and screen display, according to Panasonic.

Darth Vader meets television - Toshiba's Head Mounted Display

Toshiba is developing a new head mounted display system that gives a 360-degree view on a domed 40-centimeter large screen. A photo of this large television-shaped helmet appears in the UK-based paper The Daily Mail. Not much is known about the display because all we see is a model, presumably female because you really can't tell, watching a screen full of clouds.

Pure Digital camcorder shoots video to the Internet in one-click

Consumers will soon be able to easily upload their camcorder videos with a new "Point and Shoot" camcorder from Pure Digital. The inexpensive recorder can record up to 60 minutes of video and then upload it to either Google Video or Sony's Grouper service with one click.

Fujitsu to introduce flash-drive laptops

Fujitsu is on the verge of building laptops that offer flash memory instead of the conventional hard disk drive (HDD), according to a report in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

Apple releases red Ipod Nano to support AIDS effort

Cupertino (CA) - Apple today expanded its Ipod Nano line with a bright red model, which contributes a portion of its revenues to RED, an organization founded by U2 lead singer Bono and Bobby Shriver dedicated to battle AIDS in Africa. Click here to see images of the new Ipod models ...

Palm unveils slim Treo smartphone, integrates Google Maps

New York (NY) - Palm today took the wraps off a new Treo smartphone, which will become available within a few weeks in the U.S. The new phone maintains the general appeal of its predecessors, but packs more features in a smaller, more colorful form factor. Palm also has begun offering Google Maps for the Treo as a free download.

Sony intros Vaio C-Series notebooks

London (England) - Sony today announced details about its new C-Series line of Vaio laptop computers, the first of which will be available at the end of October. Before the end of the holiday shopping season, the notebook will be available in five different colors. Sonys marketing people explain that the "C" in C-Series stands for "choice", "color", "cosmopolitan", and "chic" and according to an announcement made today, the new laptops will be available in silver, pink, green, grey, and black by the end of November. Each model also comes with a matching color carrying case.

Sony developing video Ipod competitor

Sony is working on a portable media player that will support video playback, Reuters is reporting today. Sony is working on a portable media player that will support video playback, Reuters is reporting today. The announcement reportedly was made during a news conference in which Sony displayed the upcoming new music-only Walkman players. The vague confirmation came from Sony's senior vice president, who claimed, "We are developing a product that handles images, but I cannot make any comment on specific plans."

T-Mobile USA adds Dash smartphone

T-Mobile USA is taking the wraps off of a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone, dubbed the T-Mobile Dash. The device will be available exclusively from T-Mobile beginning Oct. 25.