Touch-screen iPod coming our way?

According to several eagle-eyed media sources, Apple may have leaked the existence of an upcoming touch-screen iPod. The leak comes from a sentence on Apple's developer website which says, "beginning with the touch-screen models."

Cingular debuts mobile music service

Becoming the latest wireless service provider to enter the digital music arena, Cingular today launched a mobile music service that it claims offers better features than its competitors.

Sony to bring out world's lightest notebook computer

According to a Reuters story, Sony has announced plans to introduce what it's calling the world's lightest notebook computer to Japanese consumers some time in December, in an attempt to bring back some positive attention to Sony after the huge notebook battery recall disaster that continues to have an impact on the company.

AMD Inside: Dell starts selling AMD-powered laptops

Dell, long known for their Intel-powered laptops, is now selling laptops with AMD chips inside. The new Inspiron 1501 line of laptops will have either AMD Turion 64 or the less powerful Mobile AMD Sempron processors. An integrated ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 graphics chip will power the laptop's 15.4" screen.

Hitachi pushes 250 GB hybrid laptop hard drives for next year

Hitachi will be rolling out several high-capacity laptop drives next year and one will reach 250GB. The 2.5" hard drives will be based on perpendicular technology where the magnetic bits are aligned side-by-side, standing up instead of lengthwise. The drives will also have integrated flash memory along with hardware encryption.

Quanta schedules mass production for $100 laptop for Q2 2007

Quanta Computer confirmed that sample production and test runs for the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) have already kicked off this quarter, and the company expects mass production to commence in the second quarter of 2007.

Sony's new laptops cash in on upcoming James Bond movie

Not everyone can be James Bond, but at least you can buy his laptop. Sony is offering a new line of James Bond 007-branded Vaio TX and Vaio UX laptop packages. Along with a laptop, Sony is through in a Cyber-shot digital camera, display privacy filter and aluminum attaché case.

New Ipod shuffling to stores on Friday

Apple today anounced that the new version of its Ipod shuffle, which it is calling the "most wearable Ipod ever", will be available in stores throughout the country this Friday, 3 November.

Vantec's "Piano" notebook coolor comes with speakers

Vantec has introduced a new notebook cooler that includes two flip-out speakers and a subwoofer. The "Piano" cooler has an adjustable speed fan and Vantec claims the speakers have a combined RMS output of 15 watts along with a frequency response of 60Hz to 20kHz. A 3-port USB 2.0 hub is also integrated into the cooler.

XM gets exclusive deal with Porsche

Porsche Cars of North America, along with XM Satellite Radio, announced today a "long-term agreement" to exclusively install XM radios in new Porsche models, beginning in 2007.

Touchscreen Ipod on the way?

According to a patent filed by Apple, it appears that the company may be working on a new version of its market share leading Ipod music player that will incorporate touch-sensitive controls. Specifically, the patent is for an "electronic device having a display and a surrounding touch sensitive bezel for user interface and control."

Foxconn to ship 15.4" Macbook to Apple in May 2007

Foxconn Electronics will produce a 15.4" MacBook model for Apple for the first time, with shipments to commence in May 2007, according to sources at notebook makers.

Walmart sells "world's most energy efficient" notebook

Notebook maker Everex claims that it is offering nothing less than the "world's most energy efficient" notebook. Based on Via's C7-M processor, the 15.4" form factor computer is available for about $500 at Walmart.

Verizon launches first Flash Lite mobile apps in US

Verizon Wireless yesterday announced it was the first US carrier to make available Adobe Systems' Flash Lite for mobile applications.

DVD Jon cracks Apple's iTunes

Jon Lech Johansen, aka DVD Jon, has done it again by hacking Apple's iTunes encryption. Johansen claims this allows people to move their purchased songs to other players which could break Apple's stronghold in the online music business. He has also formed a new company, aptly named DoubleTwist, to license the hack to third-party music stores and even to Apple.

Sub-$500 AMD notebooks from Dell to hit the market in November

Dell is set to begin shipping notebooks that feature AMD CPUs from the last week of October, according to Taiwan-based notebook makers.

Apple accelerates Macbook Pro with Core 2 Duo CPUs

Cupertino (CA) - Apple has upgraded its premium notebooks with Intel's latest dual-core processors. The company promises that the new CPUs will speed up the Macbook Pro by up to 39%. As in previous system versions, Apple limits processor choices and in the most recent case, to Intel's fastest chips. The Macbook Pro now comes standard with a T7400, 2.13 GHz CPU, which integrates 4 MB of L2 cache. The 2 MB T5600 (1.83 GHz) and T5400 (1.66 GHz) as well as the T7200 (2.0 GHz, 4 MB) are not offered for the Macbook Pro.

A $600 Turion 64 notebook from the grocery store

Aldi, a retail chain that is specialized on low-priced and basic household needs, will be offering a notebook in the U.S, beginning next week.

New SanDisk flash drives to offer token-based authentication

SanDisk has introduced a new token-based authentication system for select USB flash drives. The "TrustedSignins" system will use two-factor authentication to create one-time passwords for secure online transactions. The passwords are created after the user plugs in the USB flash drive and types in a user name and password.

U.S. media manufacturers support HD DVD as next-gen media format

The American Independent Media Manufacturers Association (AIMMA) has voted to support HD DVD as the next-generation blue-laser format at an October 10 general meeting, according to a press release issued by the organization, but Taiwan pre-recorded optical disc makers still see Hollywood studios as being the key decision makers in terms of adoption of next-generation DVD standards.