Apple said to have ordered 10 million iPhones

A Taiwanese source has confirmed that an Apple iPhone is now in production and that more than 10 million will be available by January when Apple Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs will formally launch the new iPhone at Macworld in January in San Francisco.

Sprint to put Microsoft search on its mobile phones

Wireless carrier Sprint Nextel said on Wednesday it will place Microsoft's search engine on its mobile phones, marking the software maker's most significant step to gain a U.S. foothold in the budding mobile Internet search market.

Slingbox updates models, talks innovative use

Sling Media has a modest, but noticeable presence at this year's EHX. On top of the list is the latest version of the Slingbox, the Pro model, which has three different source inputs to allow users to watch content from their TV, DVD player, video camera, and others, anywhere in the world. We also heard about some of the unconventional uses people have been experimenting with using their Slingbox devices.

Lenovo tablet PC automatically turns screen

Lenovo today announced a new feature in an updates series of its Thinkpad X60 tablet PC.

Cingular/Samsung rolls out hip, yet professional BlackJack phone

Cingular and Samsung are partnering up to release a new phone that is cool enough to play music and video while being professional enough for the office. The BlackJack cameraphone comes with Bluetooth 2.0 and is powered by Windows Mobile 5.0. Data streaming is provided on Cingular's 3G BroadbandConnect high-speed service.

Zune zooms out to retailers across the country

Redmond (WA) - Officially kicking into gear in the one product area where Apple has a dwarfing advantage over Microsoft, the software giant today prepared to cut the ribbon on its Zune portable media player, which will officially launch tomorrow. As a late entrant to a market with a high rate of product failure, Microsoft has a lot of work to do.

Palm gets FCC approval for Treo 680, 750 smartphones

Chicago (IL) - Documents recently published on the website of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) indicate that the introduction of a pair of new Palm Treo smartphones may only be a few weeks away.

"Ego" luxury notebook coming to the U.S.

If you are driving a Lexus instead of a Toyota, or perhaps a Bentley instead of a Mercedes, a Dutch company may just have what you need to replace a dull notebook. The company, known for selling the world's most expensive jewelry notebooks, is bringing its least expensive "Tulip Ego" to the U.S.

Boost Mobile intros pay-as-you-go MP3 phone

As an alternative to other famous music phones that require service contracts, like Sprint's Fusic and Verizon's Chocolate, Boost Mobile today announced its latest handset from Motorola, the i885. It contains several of the features seen in the mid-end range from the major carriers, but without the need to commit to a multi-year service agreement.

Apple goes with Core 2 Duo for new MacBooks

Furthering its recent partnership with Intel, Apple today unveiled its latest line of MacBook notebook computers, highlighting the fact that they now include Intel's Core 2 Duo processors.

Compal ships record amount of notebooks in October

Compal Electronics shipped a company record 1.65 million notebooks in October, with revenues also hitting a record $976.36 million, due to strong seasonality, according to company spokesman Gary Lu.

Starbucks loses four laptops with 60,000 Social Security numbers

Starbucks Corporation is missing four laptops which contain nearly 60,000 names and Social Security numbers of current and former employees. The laptops were supposed to be stored in a closet, but an employee discovered that they were missing way back in September.

NTP back with a vengeance - sues Palm

NTP, the company famous for suing Research in Motion, has filed another patent infringement lawsuit, this time against Palm. The complaint filed in United States District Court in Virginia requests that Palm stop selling devices and of course punitive damages.

Dell starts selling AMD-powered Latitude notebooks

Dell has introduced an AMD-powered Latitude notebook computer. The Latitude 131L is powered by an AMD mobile Sempron processor, but customers can order the Turion 64 X2 dual-core processor an an option. An integrated graphics chip powers the 15.4" wide-screen display.

Nvidia goes for the gadgets, buys PortalPlayer

Nvidia Corporation has purchased PortalPlayer, a maker of portable media player hardware, in a $357 million dollar deal. PortalPlayer makes semiconductors, firmware and software for MP3 players and portable media players and the merger could allow Nvidia to expand from its computer-based roots into the gadget space.

Microsoft takes Zune website live

Redmond (WA) - One could easily get lost in the gadget frenzy of this month. Just in case you will forget about Zune when planning a purchase of new game consoles, an HD DVD player for the Xbox 360 or Intel's quad-core processor, Microsoft has launched a website dedicated to creating some excitement for the otherwise rather bland portable media player.

Samsug to releases fanless sub-notebook

Samsung Electronci has introduced a new two and a half pound sub-notebook that uses no fans. The Sens Q40 notebook is powered by an Intel Centrino U1400 processor and Samsung claims the battery will last up to 3.5 hours.

Google rolls out Gmail mobile phone app

Addicts of Google's free Gmail email service can now grab their emails from their mobile phones and PDAs. Google is release a new Java application that directly hooks into Gmail. The application works with over one hundred popular phones including many from Blackberry and Samsung.

MSN Music gets replaced with Zune Marketplace

In an attempt to form a strong partnership like iPod/iTunes, Microsoft has announced that it will be closing the doors on its MSN Music store in favor of the Zune Marketplace, the music store platform connected to Microsoft's upcoming portable media device.

Apple comes out with new 8 GB Ipod Nano Red

Adding to its extensive library of Ipod models, Apple today announced plans to release an 8 GB version of its special edition Ipod Nano Red. Set to launch in stores this weekend for $249, it will try to bring back interest in the HIV/AIDS charity that was tied to the original Ipod Nano Red.