Samsung developing smaller, brighter touch-screens

Samsung is developing a new display chip that promises smaller and brighter touch-screen LCD panels. The mobile display driver IC makes the LCD panel itself touch sensitive and eliminates the need for a separate touch screen panel.

Transcend rolls out new 8GB USB drive

Remember when USB memory sticks only had a mere 256 MB of storage? Those days are long gone and Transcend Information has just announced its new JetFlash V10 USB 2.0 drive with 8 GB of storage. The drive includes some encryption software and integrates a sliding USB connector which protects stick when not in use.

Opinion: Tinsel kills Wi-Fi. Film at 11

This release from AirMagnet gave me a chuckle this morning. Seems it's bad enough that putting up holiday decorations might get you reported to H.R. by those who don't celebrate your particular holiday.

Sony hints at iPod/Zune-like strategy

At Sony's CES preview event today at 30 Rockefeller Center, Sony revealed its holiday plans, its CES gameplan, and talked a lot about about HD video.

Nokia gets FCC approval for 6086 Wi-Fi cellphone

Nokia today received approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for its upcoming 6086 quad-band camera phone. The rather unspectacular casing of the flip phone hides Nokia's next UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) phone, which can use Wi-Fi networks to make phone calls.

New 3G Motorola RAZR phone coming down the pipe

Motorola has just released photos and electrical testing information for electrical certification to the Federal Communications Commission. The upcoming 3G RAZR V3xx phone has an FCC ID of IDHT56GN1 and appears to work with Cingular's high-speed data network.

Apple now has seven PCB suppliers in Taiwan for iPod, sources reveal

Apple Computer now has a total of seven printed circuit board (PCB) suppliers in Taiwan for its iPod series, with Gold Circuit Electronics (GCE) being the latest addition to the supplier list, according to industry sources.

Viewsonic webpads get FCC approval

Viewsonic apparently will be making another step into the mobile PC market with two webpads nearing completion. The Viewsonic V212 and V212x are based on an Intel (Marvell) Xscale PXA270 processor with a 520 MHz Bulverde core. The system uses a 10.4" screen with a resolution of up to 1024x768.

Verizon adds Revver to V Cast

Further attaching itself to the idea of watching user videos on mobile phones, Verizon today announced a deal with Revver, just a day after confirming a similar partnership with YouTube.

New Skype phone doesn't need a computer

Denmark-based RTX Products will be releasing a dual-mode Skype phone that doesn't require a computer. The cordless Dualphone 3088 can plug into either a broadband Ethernet connection or a landline. RTX Products claims the phone has enough battery power to last 10 hours of talking or 140 hours on standby.

Verizon to offer mobile version of YouTube

Bedminster (NJ) - Giving more steam to the runaway train known as YouTube, Verizon today officially announced its plan to incorporate the video sharing site with its V Cast multimedia service. The new mobile YouTube platform is planned to be available in early December, with no additional cost to the $15 monthly V Cast service. As part of the partnership, Verizon will be the exclusive mobile provider of YouTube content for an undisclosed length of time.

Publish pictures and view RSS news with Opera Mini 3.0

Mobile phone users are getting a new Opera Mini browser that can publish pictures and grab RSS news feeds. Opera Mini 3.0 is Opera's latest version of the free browser and should work with most web-enabled phones. Among the browser's more notable features is the photo sharing capability within the browser and the RSS news feeds which can be sorted by date or source.

Samsung develops cell phone fuel cell charger

Samsung's Advanced Institute of Technology has developed a fuel cell that can charge a mobile phone in a few hours. The small 180g cell generates 2 watts of power from combining hydrogen, methanol and air. Researchers say test units have successfully charged phones 200 times in a row.

Lenovo adds widescreen models to T-series Thinkpads

Following the widescreen trend, Lenovo today announced its second Thinkpad model that is now available with a 15.4" widescreen LCD: T60 widescreen models are selling for $1400 and up.

Sony finds defects in some of its digital cameras

Sony said it has found defects in some of its popular Cyber-shot digital cameras, the latest quality problem to strike the Japanese company whose image was severely tarnished by a massive battery recall earlier this year.

Verizon launches "Env" phone

Verizon Wireless today released the "Env", its latest V Cast phone, as the official successor to LG's "The V" phone. With a Sidekick-type design and interface, Verizon is calling it "the ultimate in coverged device."

Palm launches Treo 680 smartphone

Sunnyvale (CA) - Palm today launched the previously announced Treo 680, which currently complements the firm's smartphone portfolio, but is expected to succeed the aging 650 model. The 680 comes in flashy colors and Palm hopes that the new model, while not offering groundbreaking new features, can regain lost market share.

Apple would face many challenges with iPhone - Opinion

With reports circulating that an iPhone from Apple Computer is likely to debut in the first half of 2007, the introduction of an iPhone could have an adverse impact on sales of music handsets by other vendors should Apple's first order for an iPhone total 12 million units as reported earlier.

Foxconn International reportedly to manufacture smartphones for Nokia

Foxconn International Holdings (FIH), the Hong Kong-listed handset subsidiary of Foxconn Electronics, is reportedly going to strengthen its cooperation with Nokia, with the company expected to manufacture smartphones for the Finnish handset vendor, according to sources at a local securities house.

Mercora launches mobile music service for Windows-based phones

Mercora has launched its 'M' mobile music service for Windows-based phones. The service starts as a downloadable application and gives access to over 100,000 channels of streaming radio. Users form social networks and can browse each others music. Libraries can be searched by artist, genre and style. 'M' channels are streamed over the air in compressed Ogg/Vorbis format and the company claims the sound is "CD-quality". The service integrates with Bluetooth and compatible phones can send the music to Bluetooth speakers or headphones.