iSlate: the advantages of the biggest smartphone ever

When Apple launched the iPhone it was one of the largest phones of its type in the market. This gave it certain advantages that few spoke about...

Apple app store flaw gets kids to porn

Parental control just isn't what it used to be. Flaws in Apple software let's kids see the dreaded NSFW images that we spend most of our time trying to find.

ARM-based processors to dominate MID market by 2013

ABI researcher Jeff Orr has predicted that ARM-based processors - and not X86 chips - will dominate the MID market by 2013.

Apple dings Google with Bing

Apple has reportedly kicked off negotiations with Microsoft to replace Google as the default search engine on its popular iPhone.

Microsoft just won't give up on Windows Mobile

I see that there's speculation that Microsoft is to introduce two versions of Windows Mobile 7 - one for business and one for media.

Consumers to spend $6.2 billion on mobile apps and games in 2010

Gartner has predicted that consumers will shell out a whopping $6.2 billion on mobile applications and games in 2010.

Mobile donations bring relief to Haiti

You can text your help and support to Haiti. It's easy, it's viral, and it will help save lives. Text the phrase “Haiti” to the number 90999 and donate $10 to the Red Cross. Your donation will appear on your next bill.

Nexus One users ditch Google phone on eBay

The popular eBay auction website has deluged by a virtual tsunami of unwanted Google Nexus One phones.

Analyst details next-gen iPhone specs

A Taipei-based analyst has claimed that Apple's next-gen iPhone will feature a touch-sensitive casing along with a "more advanced" camera.

Google grovels over Nexus One SNAFUs

They say that after roses, roses there come thorns, thorns. And that's certainly been the case with Google's Nexus One experience.

iPod, iPhone get blessing of God Almighty

Steve Jobs, sometimes called the Blessed Steve Jobs or Saint Jobs of Cupertino, has had the blessings of God bestowed upon all his works and trumps.

Nexus One users plagued by poor 3G access

A number of Google Nexus One users have reported trouble connecting to T-Mobile's 3G network.

Microsoft weighs in on Google Nexus

Ars Technica has an interesting take on the Google Nexus - Microsoft apparently thinks that offering a phone will dent the Android push.

Palm adds 3D gaming and Flash plug-in to webOS platform

Palm introduced 7 graphics-intensive games for its webOS mobile platform at CES 2010.

RIM delivers terror of Powerpoint on BlackBerry

Research in Motion has introduced a gizmo for BlackBerry users that lets you bore an audience to death by displaying a PowerPoint presentation wirelessly.

Google’s Nexus One: Hit of the Year or Flash in the Pan?

The Google Nexus one drops into a very interesting window.  By any measure it is as big a potential hit as the Palm Pre was at CES last but then the excitement pretty much died out for the Palm Pre and while it was likely the hottest phone Sprint had in 2009, we’re talking Sprint, so that didn’t mean much. 

HTC proclaims Google Nexus best phone ever

Google finally went public with the introduction of the Nexus phone, manufactured by Taiwanese handset maker HTC.

Google Nexus One specs hit the Net

Engadget has published a preliminary review of the long-awaited Nexus One Google smartphone.

Apple colludes in censoring Dalai Lama on iPhone

The Chinese object

O2 blames the iPhone for network strain

Well why not blame Steve Jobs?Operator O2 said that people in London England had their service disrupted because of a strain on the network caused by the iPhone and other smartphones. O2 had an exclusive deal to sell iPhones in the United Kingdom until last month, but told the Financial Times that an 18 percent rise in data traffic since the beginning of this year had caused problems.