Opera preps iPhone mini browser for MWC debut

Opera has confirmed that it will be offering attendees of the 2010 Mobile World Congress (MWC) a sneak preview of its mini browser for the Apple iPhone.

Shock! Apple over-inflates iPad price tag

The components powering Apple's overhyped iPad tablet reportedly cost Club Cupertino as little as $219.35.

Can Amazon's next-gen Kindle take on Apple's iPad?

Amazon's recent acquisition of multitouch screen company Touchco hints that the Seattle-based corporation has big plans for its next-generation Kindle.

Google slashes Nexus One early termination fee

A recent FCC inquiry has apparently prompted Google to slash its Nexus One early termination fee (ETF) from $350 to $150. 

Meanwhile, a $250 fee for existing T-Mobile customers upgrading to the  smartphone was lowered to $50. 

Gmail challenges Facebook with new social feed

Google is apparently planning to challenge Facebook by rolling out a new feature that will allow Gmail users to easily view and set detailed social status updates.

Consumers snub Apple iPad in new poll

Would you buy a first-generation Apple iPad that refuses to offer support for either Flash or multitasking? No? Well, you are not alone.

Sling Media to stream video over AT&T's 3G network

AT&T has confirmed that it will allow Sling Media to stream video over an already overtaxed 3G network.

Don't mention the Hindenberg

Design company Seymourpowell is looking for a customer for a hotel that floats in the sky.

Google finally adds multi-touch support to Nexus One smartphone

Google has finally added multi-touch support to its Nexus One smartphone via an over-the-air update.

Next-gen iPhone to feature "homebred" Apple silicon

Apple's next-generation iPhone will reportedly be powered by a future version of the company's indigenously developed "homebred" silicon.

Apple iPhone loses market share

Judging from Apple's solid financial results last week, you wouldn't think that the copper-bottomed Cupertino could possibly take a dent in its market share.

Virgin's Branson adds winged sub to his fleet

Here at TG Daily, we reckon he must have a Thunderbirds fantasy or something. Virgin's Richard Branson has added something new to his list of implausible vehicles - a DeepFlight three-person aero submarine.

Nexus One smartphones plagued by widespread data outage

A number of frustrated Nexus One owners have reported that their smartphones are currently unable to send or receive data. 

Modder enables FM Radio on Motorola Cliq

A modder by the name of Eugene373 has managed to enable a dormant FM Radio feature on his Motorola Cliq.

Microsoft preps Windows Mobile 7, Zune phone

Microsoft is preparing Windows Mobile 7 for its official debut at the Mobile World Congress in March.

Google says software patch could help fix Nexus One woes

Google has pledged to release a software patch that could help improve spotty 3G coverage on its flagship Nexus One smartphone.

Google snubs Apple with web-based iPhone Voice app

Google has launched a mobile web version of its popular Voice application for the iPhone and Palm Web OS devices.

Apple's tablet: a developers POV

Colling Ruffenach of icodeblog.com takes an Apple developers journey through the possibilities of Jobs' Tablet.

Holy s***! Google’s Nexus One censors swear words

Holy s***! Google’s Nexus One was apparently designed by a team of puritanical engineers determined to fulfill the now-tired mantra of “do no evil.”

Android hacker adds multitouch capabilities to Nexus One

A hacker known as Cyanogen has modified Google's Android 2.1 OS to enable multitouch capabilities on the Nexus One smartphone.