Facebook buys facial recognition company Face.com

After weeks of rumors, Facebook has acquired Israeli facial recognition company Face.com, in a move aimed at bolstering the company's mobile capabilities.

Facebook App Center goes live

Facebook's formally launched the App Center it announced last month, allowing users to browse - and, directly or indirectly, buy - a range of Android, mobile and web apps.

Facebook in 'third attempt' to build own smartphone

Facebook phone rumors are swirling again, with reports that the company's been hiring smartphone engineers.

Intel eyes a post-Medfield mobile future

Intel recently detailed its post-Medfield plans for the lucrative smartphone market.

Facebook creates new App Center, aims to promote mobile

Facebook's created an App Center - not so much a store, but a showcase where users can browse the best Android, iOS, mobile and web apps that integrate with the social network.

EA under heavy fire for "indie" game bundle

Independent developers aren't exactly pleased that Electronic Arts recently rolled out a new compilation dubbed the "EA Indie Bundle."

Rumor: Microsoft ready to ditch virtual points

Honestly, I’ve never understood why or how Microsoft chose its Point system for users buying certain digital wares on the Xbox 360 and other platforms. 

IBM tops patent application league

Patents are where it's at these days, and for the 19th year in a row IBM is at the top of the pile with 6,180 patents granted during 2011.

Adobe scraps mobile Flash

Adobe's reported to have halted development of Flash Player for browsers on mobile devices.

Canonical wants Ubuntu on tablets and smartphones

Canonical has confirmed plans to expand its Ubuntu Linux distribution to tablets, smartphones and other mobile interactive devices.

AMD hedges its ARM bets

ARM currently dominates the lucrative smartphone and tablet markets with its low power sipping RISC chips. But AMD Chief Technology Officer Charles Moore says he believes there is "room for both" x86 and RISC architecture in the mobile space.

Google helps HTC ramp up patent suit against Apple

HTC has extended its patent lawsuit against Apple, adding nine patents which it bought from Google last week.

Skype to acquire group messaging service GroupMe

While Skype waits for its $8.5 billion acquisition by Microsoft to go through, it's been indulging in a little shopping of its own.

Facebook launches mobile messaging app

Blackberry's mobile messaging service has come in for a lot of attention in the last few days - not all of it positive. Undaunted, though, Facebook is launching its own version.

Foursquare launches Groupon Now real-time deals

It's no secret Foursquare is actively pursuing the daily deals space within the "Explore" tab in its location-based check-in service.

Feature phones are going out of style

As the mobile handset market grows, smartphones seem to be taking center stage worldwide while the demand for feature phones begin to dwindle.

Google tries to be social with +

Google has debuted a social networking platform designed to "fix" online sharing.

Ford adds smartphone voice control to new vehicles

Ford is adding its Sync AppLink software to ten new vehicles in 2012. The platform allows a driver to "sync" a smartphone with his or her car for a hands-free, voice navigation experience.   

What's inside Nokia's Helsinki HQ?

It seems like almost everyone in Finland has worked for Nokia at one time or another.

Wii U fails to impress investors

Nintendo's prototype Wii U console - along with its tablet-like controller - was undoubtedly one of the biggest stars and successes of E3 2011 this past week in Los Angeles.