Quantum cryptography for mobile phones

Secure mobile communications underpin our society and through mobile phones, tablets and laptops we have become online consumers. The security of mobile transactions is obscure to most people but is absolutely essential if we are to stay protected from malicious online attacks, fraud and theft.

Sony 'to release attachable smartphone lenses'

The company is planning to bring out lenses with built-in sensors, Bionzprocessors, Wi-Fi/NFC wireless connections and SD card slots, accordingto the site SonyAlphaRumours.com.The website published pictures of the devices, showing new DSC-QX10 andDCS-QX100 lenses attached to smartphones to turn them into higher-qualitycameras.The lenses can be magnetically attached to ...

Princeton researchers use mobile phones to measure happiness

Researchers at Princeton University are developing ways to use mobile phones to explore how one’s environment influences one’s sense of well-being.

Mobile shopping to boom and boom again

Mobile shopping is the new black and a recent survey carried out by Conlumino indicates that it will continue to grow at an impressive rate for the foreseeable future. M-commerce has already risen 55 percent compared to a year ago and it is now estimated that it will grow another 115 percent over the next 12 months. 

HTC vows to ramp up marketing

It's no secret that HTC is in a world of trouble and its failure to stick to the HTC One launch schedule is making life for the Taiwanese phone maker even worse.

Google Shopping hits your favorite gizmos

Google is bringing Google Shopping product listings to mobile devices. Google has been serving up product listings on desktop search results for quite a while, but now it is taking them to cramped mobile screens as well. A simple Google search on a phone or tablet will now result in several listings popping up above the organic search results.

Obama to send Americans text messages under new PLAN alert system

The Obama admin is rolling out a text message alert system to warn of impending danger like terrorist attacks or severe weather advisories.

Nokia maintains top spot in worldwide mobile phone shipments

IDC has released its quarterly mobile phone shipments statistics, confirming that Nokia is holding the top spot worldwide, although losing some traction in Western Europe to Samsung.

Verizon axes one-year smartphone contract

Verizon may have accrued some seriously cool points for picking up the iPhone, but the carrier lost them all by eliminating its one-year contract plan.

Facebook gets mobile facelift

Facebook is the perfect pastime to engage in while waiting for the bus or standing in a long line. The problem?

Mobile devices change the world of gaming 4ever

Recently published stats from mobile analytics firm Flurry seem to indicate that smartphones and tablets have effectively altered the traditional world of gaming.

Is mobile phone etiquette on a downward spiral?

As mobile phones fast become necessary fixtures in our everyday lives, mobile phone etiquette becomes more and more important. In fact, mobile misuse is becoming the new talking with your mouth full, offending people left and right.

Londoners less than keen on Underground cellphone plan

Huawei must be feeling rather hurt. It's offered to foot the £50 million bill for bringing cellphone coverage to the London Underground - and Londoners have given the plan a resounding thumbs-down.

Mobile phones could lead to bad behavior in kids

Pregnant women who regularly use mobile phones may be more likely to have kids with behavioral problems, especially if those children start using a phone early themselves, new research shows.

Ohio wants to make teen "sexting" illegal

After a teenage girl was faced with charges of child pornography, for sending out nude pictures of herself, Ohio lawmakers are looking into a new law that specifically addresses the growing issue of "sexting."

Woman falls off Wii Fit, becomes a sex addict

A British woman has reportedly developed a severe sex addiction after falling off her slippery Wii Fit board.

Sandisk Ships 32 GB MicroSD Card

Bigger is always better when it comes to flash media cards, and Sandisk has begun shipping the highest-capacity microSD cards ever. 32 GB can now fit on your fingertip.