Microwires as mobile phone sensors

Microwires were created in the former Soviet Union for military purposes. They formed the basis of the camouflage of a model of spy plane used by the Soviet army, but for a long time the scientific community has been studying them for other purposes.

YotoPhone to launch in the second half of 2013

The YotaPhone can best be described as a handset that features two displays: one E-ink  and the other a traditional LCD.

Neptune Pine is an Android-powered smart watch

The first time I actually wanted to own a specific watch was back in the 80's when those Casio calculator devices first became popular.

NanoWatch is a clunky watch-phone mashup

Over the years, we've seen plenty of smart watches that promise all sorts of connected capabilities with your smartphone.

LG showcases 5-inch 1080p mobile display

Smartphone displays have become slightly larger, with higher resolutions over the past year. Indeed, it's fairly common for current high-end smartphones to boast HD resolution supporting 720p.

Work makes you miserable - or that's what your phone says

People are happiest at home, and most miserable at work - that's the conclusion of a new study which tracks people’s emotional behaviour through their mobile phones.

Smartbook shipments to reach 163 million by 2015

A senior analyst has predicted that global shipments of non-X86 powered smartbooks will reach 163 million in 2015.