Are you texting less than you did?

The seemingly-unstoppable rise in text messaging has finally ended, with the US showing a decline for the first time ever.

Verizon cracks down on illegal data tetherers

The days of free Internet are over.

iPad set to fuel explosion in data traffic

US mobile data traffic is rocketing, according to analyst Chetan Sharma, who says it will hit one exabyte - a billion gigabytes - by the end of the year.

Flat-rate mobile data pricing doomed, says Coda

Carriers will be forced to move to tiered pricing for mobile internet access, according to Coda Research Consultancy.

8,000 petabytes of mobile data traffic expected by 2014

Mobile data traffic originating from PC (USB) modems and routers is expected to increase from 2,000 petabytes of data to a staggering 8,000 in 2014.

Make your house a personal AT&T cell tower

AT&T is joining Sprint and Verizon in offering "femtocells," small boxes that increase signal strength in indoor environments, for its wireless customers across the US.

Mobile data surpasses voice traffic

It's true: people are using their phones less and less to actually make calls. A new report from Ericsson says that data usage has eclipsed voice traffic.