Video: The gameplay of Transformers Universe

Anyone who grew up in the genre saturated 80's will undoubtedly remember the original Transformers cartoons and toys that were almost truly ubiquitous.

Blizzard says no WoW F2P beyond level 20

The undisputed King of the MMORPG realm is clearly Blizzard's wildly popular World of Warcraft (WoW).

Zombie MMO gets detailed

Zombies are all the rage these days with games, movies, and TV shows vying to depict different aspects of the living dead.

Chinese couple sell children to feed game addiction

Chinese authorities have unraveled a strange case about video game addiction gone very awry.

Discrete graphics all the rage in China

PCs loaded with discrete graphics technology are quite popular in China, with a current attach rate of approximately 80%.

Chinese man plays PC game on 80,000-square-foot screen

This guy really loves his games. To play an online MMO for just 10 minutes on the world's second largest LED screen, he had to dole out around $15,000.