This folding car will sell for $16,000

Tiny little city cars aren't particularly common in the United States, at least not yet.

Robotic plane dodges obstacles indoors

MIT researchers have created an autonomous plane that can fly indoors - without the use of GPS.

Soft robot inches along like a worm

MIT's created a robot that crawls along the ground like an earthworm by contracting and expanding segments of its body.

Laser system can see round corners

A new laser system captures the behavior of individual photons and uses advanced optics to deduce what's around the corner.

New-found solar system looks like our own

Astronomers have discovered the first exoplanetary system to look like our own solar system, with regularly-aligned planets.

JFK likeliest airport to spread disease

If you want to play it safe, avoid airports in New York, Los Angeles and Honolulu - they're the ones most likely to play a part in spreading pandemics.

Has Titan's surface been recently reshaped?

An analysis of river networks on Titan indicates that some recent phenomenon may have altered the face of Saturn's largest moon.

Robots scan ships' hulls for mines

Human divers - and dolphins - could have a reprieve from searching out mines attached to ships' hulls, thanks to a new algorithm from MIT.

MIT designs 'intelligent co-pilot' for cars

MIT engineers have developed a semi-autonomous vehicle safety system that takes over if the driver does something stupid.

New-found exoplanet is evaporating away

MIT and NASA scientists believe they've found a planet, 1,500 light years away, that appears to be disintegrating from the heat of its parent star.

Anti-fog glass is glare-free and self-cleaning

MIT's created a new type of glass that's glare-free, self-cleaning and anti-fogging - useful for everything from car windscreens and scuba goggles to cellphones and solar panels.

Video: MIT geeks play Tetris... on the side of a building

Tetris is one those classic games that has been around for a long time, yet continues to be more popular than ever.

Nano-factories produce cancer drugs at tumor sites

MIT researchers have created a new type of nanoparticle that can synthesize proteins on demand, potentially creating cancer drugs right at the spot they're needed.

This is high altitude wind power

Giant towers, tall as football fields, have become a prerequisite to maximizing wind-turbine power production. 

Design and print your own customized robot

MIT researchers are working to develop a desktop technology allowing people to design, customize and print a specialized robot on demand.

MIT scientists code self-sculpting sand

MIT scientists have coded a series of algorithms that could ultimately facilitate the design of "smart sand" capable of assuming any shape.

3D design increases solar cell output

MIT researchers are working on 3D solar towers that, they say, give a  power output of up to 20 times that of fixed flat panels with the same base area.

US has plenty of room for carbon storage, says MIT

While plenty of question marks still hang over the prospect of carbon capture and storage, MIT believes it's ruled out one: the US, it says, has enough capacity in its deep saline aquifers to store at least a century's fossil fuel emissions.

MIT camera can see around corners

MIT researchers say they've developed a camera that can see round corners - useful for peeping toms and rescue workers.

Biplane design could break the sound barrier

An MIT researcher believes he's found a way to solve many of the  problems that grounded Concorde, and make supersonic commercial flights a reality once more.