Apple's 2014 roadmap gets outlined

KGI securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo has published a rough outline of Apple's 2014 roadmap, which includes a lower-cost iMac, an upgraded iPad Air/iPad Mini, new iWatch (in two sizes) and a 4.7-inch/5.5-inch iPhone.

$299 PC4 mini fanless PC is powered by AMD

Compulab has announced a mini fanless system (8 watts TDP) powered by AMD's 1 GHz A4-1250 dual-core processor paired with Radeon HD 8210 graphics. 

Early glimpse of the Asus Padfone Mini

Asus is all set to launch its mini phone/tablet hybrid later this week. However, pictures of the Asus Padfone Mini are already circulating online and can be viewed below.

Samsung and Best Buy host mini-stores

Samsung is planning to set up mini stores in Best Buys across the United States later this year. Samsung said it would open 1,400 stores by the end of June, and now that Apple has failed to trademark the word “mini,” we can actually call them “mini stores” without being dragged to court. 

Apple fails to appropriate English word

Apple’s bid to trademark the iPad Mini has failed, quite spectacularly. The US Patents and Trademarks Office kindly told Cupertino lawyers that they cannot have a trademark on “iPad Mini” since the law doesn’t really allow anyone to trademark a description of the product, reports Forbes. 

Report: Smaller tablets eroding Apple's iPad market share

Citi analyst Glen Yeung believes sales of Apple's flagship iPad will continue to decrease as smaller tablets - including the iPad Mini - steadily erode the iPad's market share. 

Apple iPad shipments may reach 100 million in 2013

When Apple debuted its long-awaited iPad mini in October, many analysts criticized the $329 price tag as too expensive for a 7-inch entry tablet.

Samsung Galaxy S4 may boast "unbreakable" OLED display

Samsung's flagship Galaxy S3 handset is one of the most popular smartphones on the market.

Demand for tablets has never been higher

A strong competitive market - including surging Android tablet shipments and robust demand for Apple's iPad mini - has prompted analysts at IDC to revise their 2012 projection for the worldwide tablet market.

Teardown: Base (WiFi) iPad mini costs Apple $198

A detailed teardown and analysis of Apple's WiFi 16GB iPad mini reveals the $329 device costs Apple approximately $198 to manufacture per unit.

Supply issues could limit iPad Mini availability

We're all used to supply issues whenever Apple launches a new product, but in the case of the new iPad Mini, things could be worse than usual.

Report: New Apple iPad surfaces in dev logs

An Apple iPad with the enigmatic "iPad3,6" designation was recently discovered by a developer in his app analytics log. 

Digispark is an uber-mini USB Arduino dev board

Arduino dev boards may be all the rage for software devs and hardware modders - but they are often considered overkill for smaller-scale projects. 

The $9,000 EV is here, all 770 pounds of it

There are cars made by BMW called the Mini. There are mini cars, such as Smart Fortwo and the Fiat 500 designed to take advantage of the light weight and easy maneuverability of a small frame.

Rumor: Apple iPad mini to launch in October

A new report claims Apple is preparing to launch an 8GB iPad "mini" this October for less than $250.

Analyst says iPad mini launch inevitable

The launch of an iPad "mini" is inevitable at some point in the future, at least according to one industry analyst. 

Report: Apple testing iPad Mini

Apple is reportedly testing a smaller version of its wildly popular iPad, with a display that measures approximately 7.85 inches.

Would a 7-inch iPad be DOA?

Although Apple may have tested a 7-inch iPad prototype, the late Steve Jobs apparently believed such a tablet would have very little chance of success in the hyper-competitive mobile market. 

Tiny Mini car is compact, runs 94 MPG

The Mini brand has attracted consumers for years because of its compact yet stylish cars, and their consistently high fuel efficiency. The latest model, set to debut at an upcoming auto show, hits both of those points even further than previous models.

Opera boasts one million iPhone downloads in a single day

Opera has confirmed that its Mini iPhone browser was downloaded more than one million times during the first day of its availability.