Blocky Roads – an exciting Minecraft style racing game

What do you get if you cross Minecraft with games like Hill Climb Racing? Blocky Roads! In vibrant color, race your vehicle along bumpy, blocky roads to travel as far as you can before fuel runs out.

Minecraft released for Raspberry Pi - for free

Mojang has released a free version of its Minecraft game for the tiny, low-cost Raspberry Pi, letting players build virtual worlds on the cheap.

Game of Thrones fans re-create King's Landing on Minecraft server

If you're a fan of the HBO television series Game of Thrones, you'll likely recognize King's Landing straightaway.

Minecraft is headed to the Raspberry Pi!

Minecraft: Pi Edition will make the Raspberry Pi one of the cheapest game development platforms around.

Video: Minecraft creator teases 0x10c space sim

Although I'm not a Minecraft junkie I have spent many hours playing the wildly popular game. 

Minecraft won't be certified for Windows 8

The creative independent game Minecraft won't be certified for Windows 8 any time soon.

Minecraft arrives on Amazon’s Kindle Fire

The official Pocket Edition of Minecraft has finally gone live for the Kindle Fire on Amazon’s curated App Store.

Minecraft PC sales top 7 million... And counting!

The PC version of the wildly popular Minecraft has sold over 7 million copies since the game first went live in November of 2011. 

Minecraft creator concerned over Windows 8

The creator of Minecraft and founder of Mojang recently expressed concern about Microsoft Windows 8.

Minecraft on Xbox 360 tops 1 million units

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox 360 version of indie game hit Minecraft has been sold more than a million times.

Minecraft heading to Xbox 360

The increasingly popular open-ended game Minecraft is ready to land on a console platform.

Lego video game franchise taps Minecraft

After tackling such major brands as Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars, Lego is set to take on a whole new challenge.

'Minecraft' creator discusses why he's opposed to Steam

One of the most popular independent games of all time is not available on Steam, the digital distribution platform that has come to be the standard for PC games.

Lulz Security fires a DDoS salvo at online gamers

The online gaming world is reeling following a Tuesday filled with non-stop DDoS attacks against a number of industry heavyweights.

Sony Xperia Play gets first dibs on Minecraft

No, you can't touch this one on other Android devices, at least, not initially.