Claims of psychic ability fail to stack up

A group of British scientists has failed to replicate the findings of a controversial study that appeared to show the existence of psychic abilities.

Scientists move closer to mind reading

Researchers at the University of Western Ontario say they can tell what action a person is planning, moments before they actually do it.

The iPhone app that reads minds: What’s next?

It’s a device that looks like Professor Xavier’s Cerebro helmet, the weird twist? The iPhone application that it was designed for can read minds much like the fictionalized supercomputer from comic book legend.

Japanese scientists design mind-reading robots

Japanese scientists are preparing to develop "mind-reading" robots and consumer electronics that can be controlled by thought.  

Portable mind-reader lets users write with their thoughts

European scientists have developed the first portable device that allows users to type merely by thinking.

'Telepathy' algorithm can distinguish between memories

Neuroscientists at University College London have taken another step towards mind-reading. They have developed a computer algorithm which allows them to tell which of three short films a person is thinking about via a brain scan.