US Marine shames NYPD in Times Square protest video

A United States Marine Corp Sergeant confronted a group of NYPD officers at the Occupy Times Square protests in a viral YouTube video.

AlphaDog robot to carry soldiers' kit (video)

Military robotics manufacturer Boston Dynamics has released a video of its latest project - a doglike robot designed for carrying military equipment.

China teases military CyOps

China's official military channel (CCTV-7) recently provided a six-second glimpse into the country's enigmatic cyber capabilities.

U.S. military touts benefits of energy advances

A lean, mean fighting machine - that's the old expression. But by embracing new energy technologies, the U.S. military is aiming to be a lean, mean and green fighting machine. 

Military tests fuel-cell backup power systems

U.S. military bases are required to keep functioning even if there’s a power failure, so typically they have backup systems that run on diesel. 

China is working on pulse weapons

China is working on electromagnetic pulse weapons that it could use against U.S. aircraft carriers if there is a future conflict over Taiwan. Is China itching for a fight?

Julian Assange returns to court to fight extradition

An attorney for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was back in court today to do a little tap dance for his freedom. They argue that his extradition case to Sweden over sexual assault allegations is flawed.

Pron gets pwned by Lulz Security

Lulz Security has struck again, pwning and making off with the email addresses, logins and passwords of over 25,000 users.

Do military dogs have titanium teeth?

Perusing the Google News headlines I came across the usual articles about mobile technology, websites, and apps, until I saw a headline that stood out: "Military dogs with titanium teeth take down Osama Bin Laden."

AMD launches next-gen embedded GPU

AMD has introduced a next-gen embedded discrete graphics processor capable of driving six independent displays.

'Speed-trap' radar used to detect concussion

Concussion can be notoriously difficult to detect - but a new radar-based method has been developed that can quickly screen individuals including athletes and soldiers on a battlefield.

U.S. Air Force wants to fry enemy anti-aircraft sensors

Thanks to the crisis in Libya, terms like "no fly zone," "air defense" and "anti-aircraft missiles" are bombarding the headlines once again with a vengeance. 

Spray-on nanomaterial can neutralize IEDs

It sounds too good to be true - but US scientists have developed a substance that they say can be sprayed onto suspected explosives to detect and completely neutralize them.

Portable 'bullet detectors' issued to US troops

US solders are soon to be given individual mini-radar systems capable of detecting incoming gunfire.

Britain working on solar-powered soldiers

Britain's working on a new personal power pack for troops that should be half the weight of conventional models.

Cheetah military robot can outrun human beings

Boston Dynamics is working on two new robots for DARPA - one agile humanoid and one designed to outpace the fastest human runners.

Sci-fi inspires advanced military vehicle designs

Imagine a vehicle that can actually sweat to improve its stealth capabilities and reduce its environmental impact. Or camouflage capable of adapting to any surrounding environment using electronic ink. 

US military to deploy robots in combat

Weapons have come a long way since the bow and arrow was considered the height of military technology. They've become more powerful, stronger, and now, smarter. 

Report: Stuxnet infects Iranian military systems

The enigmatic Stuxnet worm - which previously destroyed thousands of centrifuges used to enrich uranium - is currently attacking Iranian military systems.

A careless check-in costs lives, says Air Force

The Air Force is warning its troops not to use location-based services such as FourSquare, Facebook Places and Gowalla because they could, er, give away their location.