Pentagon's X-51A eyes Mach 6

The Pentagon hopes its X-51A will manage to hit hypersonic velocity by next spring or summer.

Boeing's CHAMP missile destroys enemy electronic systems

Non-lethal missile takes out electronics during successful test.

US Navy: Laser-based weapons on track for deployment

US Navy ships may be fitted with laser weapons within just a few years.

FBI nabs 11 over secret tech exports to Russia

The FBI says it's busted a secret procurement network disguised as a Texan company and exporting high-tech electronics to the Russian military.

Kamikaze drones expand kill zone

The Lethal Miniature Aerial Munition System - or LMAMS - weighs less than 5 pounds. Ultimately, the US Army wants the kamikaze drone to be capable of attacking a target up to 6 miles away in 30 minutes or less.

Smartphone app tracks battlefield targets

New software takes advantage of smartphones’ GPS and imaging abilities to pinpoint the location of distant objects as well as monitoring their speed and direction.

iRobot unveils robot with inflatable manipulating arm

Personally, I think robots are great, as I can't wait until I can have one that will keep my house clean and my lawn mowed.

Video: 3D printed exoskeletons hint at a DIY future

The Pentagon has conducted an enormous amount of research over the years to develop exoskeleton suits that can be used to help soldiers carry weapons and gear.

These military drones are kamikazes

The Pentagon is steadily increasing the use of various drones across several branches of the military.

F-22 Raptor pilots told to stop wearing faulty pressure vests

US Air Force (USAF) pilots flying the F-22 Raptor have been known to experience symptoms of hypoxia while operating the aircraft.

US Navy eyes GPS-guided railgun projectiles

The Pentagon is perpetually working on advanced weapons platforms that appear to be more science fiction than fact. However, the Navy's electromagnetic railgun is a fully-functioning reality.

Video: Fire Shadow missile cruises for six hours before ruining your day

When the military fires a missile, you can almost be certain that the projectile has a target and is well on the way to blowing something up ASAP.

Video: Kleenspeed EV-X11 an all electric speed demon

Green technologies often get a first vetting in the field through uses in areas of science or military. 

Other avenues also exist, such as high performance racing for electric vehicles.

This Stalker drone stays airborne using laser power

Unmanned aerial vehicles have seen extensive deployment in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Analyst: US needs to recruit master hackers

A prominent military analyst believes the US government should recruit elite computer hackers instead of prosecuting them.

Administration not backing off on military biofuels

The Republican-led House won't like this – another play by the Obama administration to boost biofuel use by the US military.

Pentagon wants a lightning gun

Lightning guns are often thought of as weapons of science fiction, relegated to the pages of magazines, movie screens and video games.

Northrop showcases Triton UAV

The Pentagon is significantly increasing the deployment of unmanned aircraft for wartime missions and peacetime surveillance operations.

US Navy preps stealth destroyers

The Pentagon has been spending big money for many years now developing stealth technology for the aviation industry.

Report: Chinese built US military chip has a back door

A number of legislators have expressed concern in recent years over the use of Chinese manfauctured electronic components in US military hardware.