Why the Middle East is Beating Out the World in Female Tech Entrepreneurs

Why the Middle East is Beating Out the World in Female Tech Entrepreneurs© Wall Street Journal It was recently revealed that 35% of tech entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are women, a surprising statistic, considering the global norm of 10%. Nicknamed the "start-up ...

Middle Eastern fresh water disappearing fast

The Middle East has lost fresh water reserves equivalent to the entire Dead Sea over the last ten years, data from NASA satellites shows.

BlackBerry users hit by outage

With impeccable timing, BlackBerry email and messaging services are down for many users across Europe, the Middle East and Africa - on the day that the iPhone 5 launches.

Air pollution fatalities expected to increase

Hot summer days in large cities are often accompanied by vehicle and industrial emissions that makes breathing difficult and unhealthy.

Twitter reveals new censorship plans

Twitter's announced that it can now selectively delete tweets in particular countries, allowing it to comply with individual censorship regimes while leaving offending tweets visible in the rest of the world.

Is the X-37B space plane spying on China?

A new report indicates that the X-37B - a top-secret space plane operated by the US Air Force - may be spying on China.

On BlackBerry Messenger and the London riots

Every time anything newsworthy happens, concerned citizens take to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, spreading text, images and videos.

Pop princess bashes video game violence

Pop princess Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam recently claimed that video games were responsible for teaching American kids to act violently and prepare for war.