Behold, the 'Picrowave'. A Raspberry Pi Enabled Microwave

A voice activated, Raspberry Pi controlled microwave that scans the cooking instructions from the bar code of your food. Oh, did I mention it TALKS too? New Zealand based developer, Nathan Broadbent was inspired by a post on Reddit which said QR codes should instruct microwaves on how to ...

Boeing's CHAMP missile destroys enemy electronic systems

Non-lethal missile takes out electronics during successful test.

How to make skutterudites with your microwave

The key to saving vast amounts of energy? It's right there on your kitchen counter, say scientists at Oregon State University.

Bill Gates invests in new toilet

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding an effort to 'reinvent the toilet'.

Cellphones could damage human tissues in totally new way

A theoretical biologist at the government's Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico says that cellphone radiation could be interacting with human tissue in a completely new way.

Planck mission releases first data

The European Space Agency has released the fist results from its Planck mission, focusing on the coldest objects in the universe.

First Planck images reveal Universe's earliest light

The Planck telescope team has released its first full-sky picture - the clearest yet taken, showing the glow of the first light in the universe.