'Powered by Bing': Yahoo transitions US search

Microsoft's Bing is now powering Yahoo search in the US and Canada, a year after the deal between the two companies was announced.

Microsoft details new Xbox 360 SoC

Microsoft has published a virtual tear down of its new system-on-a-chip (SoC) that powers the Xbox 360 Slim.

Halo Reach download leak may lead to a new release date

Apparently all's well that ends well is not an appropriate sentiment for Microsoft, developer Bungie, and gamers looking forward to next month's planned launch of Halo Reach.

Microsoft hypes Windows Phone 7 before launch

Redmond's overpaid marketing hacks are once again spinning the gilded PR wheel for all it is worth. That's right, Microsoft wants you to forget all about the embarrassing Kin debacle and focus on its newest Savior: Windows Phone 7.

Halo: Reach leaks on Xbox Live

Do you remember downloading 0 day warez on your 14.4k modem while blasting Nine Inch Nails and watching The Crow? Well, OK, nothing will ever compare to those times - but this story may come close.

Mutated Microsoft mouse spotted in the wild

A mutated Microsoft mouse - which bears a distinct resemblance to Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame - has been spotted scampering around a German online store.

UK gamers will get Xbox 360 Kinect November 10

Microsoft aims to make its motion-sensing peripheral a global holiday hit, announcing today that it will bring Kinect across the Atlantic Ocean less than a week after it hits store shelves in the US.

First Xbox Live games for Windows Phone 7 announced

Microsoft's announced the first Xbox Live games to be made available for Windows Phone 7 when the new operating system launches later this year.

How to make your Windows PC look and feel like a Mac

Even the most die-hard Microsoft fanboi will admit - in a moment of weakness, of course - that Apple's OS X has a sweet UI. 

So, if you want your Windows system to look and feel like a Mac but don't want to shell out the big bucks, you may want to check out the Snow Transformation Pack for Vista/7.

Embedded malware hidden in image files

The Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) has positively identified a malicious script embedded in image files.

Microsoft tries to get serious about mobile gaming

The folks at Redmond want you to know that they are serious about mobile gaming. No, don't snicker - it's true and besides, we can hear you.

Internet Explorer 9 hits final pre-beta build

Microsoft has released the final preview version of the new Internet Explorer software before it officially goes into beta phase and becomes one step closer to a final reality.

Microsoft, Salesforce mutually settle patent litigation

Microsoft and cloud services company Salesforce.com have put an end to a patent infringement lawsuit that was already months in the making.

Windows Phone 7 coming in October, hitting Europe first

The first solid details on when we can actually expect a Windows Phone 7 phone to be on the market have finally surface, with Microsoft claiming that the platform will officially launch in October in Europe.

Microsoft issues emergency out-of-band patch

Microsoft has issued an emergency out-of-band update to patch a critical Windows security vulnerability that is being actively exploited by malware.

Microsoft refuses to be intimidated by Apple's iPad

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer isn't all that impressed with Apple's so-called "magical" iPad.

Microsoft says cloud computing is the future

Microsoft has kicked off a major campaign to promote the benefits of cloud computing, with CEO Steve Ballmer pledging $9.5 billion in related R&D efforts. 

Could forced freedom make Apple stronger?

Clearly, Apple will fight the recent ruling surrounding opening up phones - but they may do better if they just capitulate.    

Google now selling Apps to the government

Hoping to grab some money away from the federal government's current $76 billion per year computing and software budget, Google today announced that it has a special version of its Apps platform for official government use.

What can Microsoft do with ARM chips?

No one knows for certain what Microsoft plans on doing with its recently acquired ARM architectural license. However, there are a number of likely possibilities, including a new generation of processors designed for smartphones, tablets and even game consoles.