Microsoft wants 'sick' PCs banned from the internet

Microsoft is calling for infected PCs to be quarantined from the internet, with access denied unless they can produce a 'health certificate'.

Motorola still plays nice with Microsoft despite lawsuit

Even though Microsoft has slapped Motorola with a huge lawsuit over patent disputes with the Droid, Motorola's co-CEO is saying the company still plans to support Microsoft's fledgling mobile business when Windows Phone 7 launches later this year.

Is Internet Explorer dying?

It seems as if Microsoft's bloated Internet Explorer (IE) browser may be headed to the scrap heap. And you know what? It's about damn time.

Microsoft confirms Oct 11 as Windows Phone 7 launch

It's unlikely to be greeted with the same enthusiasm as the launch of Android or the iPhone, but October 11 will be a monumental day for Microsoft as it begins its last big chance to regain relevance in the mobile phone market.

Microsoft sues Motorola over Android patents

Microsoft has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Motorola, accusing it of using its technology in Android phones.

Greedy Microsoft wants a piece of lucrative Android pie

It seems as if Microsoft's overpaid patent troll team just can't wait to get its greedy hands on a lucrative piece of Droid pie.

Microsoft unites the big guns to invalidate patents

The big three of the software and computer industries are uniting for a common cause. Microsoft Corp. has the support of Google Inc. and Apple Inc. in their attempt to get a patent-infringement verdict overturned.

Google promises to speed up the web with new image format

Google has started pushing an alternative to the JPEG image format in a move which it says could speed up the web.

Samsung very on board for Windows Phone 7

Samsung has officially announced its plans to support Microsoft's new mobile operating system, calling Windows Phone 7's upcoming launch a "significant milestone" in its own mobile history.

Windows Phone 7 to move toward enterprise customers

Regardless of whether or not Windows Phone 7 becomes a success among regular consumers, Microsoft has already written the next step in its playbook: trying to woo the nearly impenetrable enterprise market.

Microsoft shifts bloggers to WordPress

Microsoft's abandoning its Live Spaces blogging platform following a deal with WordPress that will see its 30 million users move to the Automattic platform.

Windows Phone 7's release date is November 8: report

Microsoft has remained mum on when exactly its new mobile phone operating system will launch in the US, but a new report suggests it will be on Monday, November 8.

Steve Ballmer just can't get no respect

It seems as if Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer just can't get no respect - or peanut butter.

Microsoft says no tethering for Windows Phone 7

Is the Balmy Ballmer sitting in his Redmond Fortress of Solitude thinking of ways to make Windows Phone 7 suck even more than it already does?

Internet Explorer 9 beta reaches 2 million downloads

Within just two days, more than two million people have downloaded the beta version of Microsoft's newest Internet browser.

Lenovo touts Ebox video game console

Lenovo believes its Ebox video game system - manufactured by daughter company Eedoo - will provide a viable alternative to consoles manufactured by Microsoft (Xbox 360), Sony (PS3) and Nintendo (Wii).

Internet Explorer 9 could bring IE back from the dead

Internet Explorer remains the dominant Web browser because it comes as the default choice for every PC, but those who actually choose what browser they want rarely go for IE. Microsoft's latest offering may change that mindset.

Microsoft says Kinect sales will "blow away" the iPad

Microsoft believes that sales of its Kinect platform will easily "blow away" Apple's "magical" iPad - which shipped 1 million units during its first 28 days on sale and 3 million in three months.

Verizon won't sell Windows 7 phones until 2011

Shock! It seems as if Verizon is relatively unenthusiastic about Windows Phone 7. Indeed, the carrier has refused to sell devices based on Redmond's latest (crappy) mobile OS until at least 2011.

Is Kinect delaying an Xbox refresh?

Is the launch of Microsoft's Kinect platform delaying an overdue console refresh?