Report: Microsoft Kinect pwned and owned

A talented modder by the name of AlexP has reportedly managed to hack, pwn and own Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect.

Is Steve Ballmer cashing out?

Is Steve "Balmy" Ballmer cashing out of Redmond by selling off a hefty $1.3 billion worth of lucrative Microsoft shares?

Microsoft knows how to throw a Kinect party

I'm still getting over my hangover from last night's festivities, but as I look over my more than a half dozen free t-shirts, umbrellas, beanie cap, ponchos, Burger King gift cards, Xbox Live Gold yearly membership, AND two free Kinect games...I can only imagine how much money was poured into this illustrious event.

Windows Phone 7 sells out in Europe

If Europe is any indication about the latest technology (we wanted to insert a joke about Europe being behind the times here, but didn't), then Microsoft may have a bona fide hit on its hands. The first handsets to use the new operating system are selling out around the continent.

Kinect launches at midnight, should be an inflated success

Microsoft's "revolutionary" new motion controller, the Kinect camera, will be released at stores around the country as the clock strikes midnight tonight. Thanks to a huge marketing campaign, the launch will be a huge event all over, and Microsoft will get big first-day sales and great PR shots, but will this hype be sustained?

Game developer id Software doesn't like Windows Phone 7

Even though Microsoft would have you believe Windows Phone 7 is the most powerful video game platform on a mobile phone, leading PC game developer id Software and lead designer John Carmack disagrees.

Google calls govt anticompetitive (yes, that's the right way round)

Google is suing the US Department of the Interior, saying it shouldn't have made up its mind in advance that it wanted a messaging solution based on Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite.

Every Xbox 360 gets updated today for Kinect

If you own an Xbox 360, take it online today and you'll be prompted for the Fall 2010 Dashboard update, which adds a whole bunch of new features, a refreshed interface, and full support for the next Kinect motion controls.

Kinect is just the beginning for Microsoft

Microsoft is signaling its determination to maintain a wide (technological) lead in the "controller-free" space by acquiring Canesta. 

Can Windows Phone 7 run apps with the screen off?

Running third-party apps on a smartphone with the screen turned off may seem like a no-brainer to those using an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android device. But as usual, Microsoft is quite (unfashionably) late to the party.

Xbox 360 Kinect pre-orders sold out at,

Microsoft may have a hit on its hands with its latest Xbox 360 peripheral, as two of the leading online retailers are already posting unavailability of their pre-order stock for the November 2 launch of Kinect.

Steve Ballmer says Windows Phone 7 will make you go "ooooh"

Steve "Balmy" Ballmer apparently believes that Windows Phone 7 will make the unfulfilled masses tremble with pleasure and utter a soft "ooooh."

Gameloft announces four titles for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft wants Windows Phone 7 to be THE platform when it comes to mobile gaming. It wants you to throw away any notion you have that iPhone gaming is cool. That'll be tough, but at least Gameloft is helping it realize that ambition.

Former Microsoft exec details post-PC era

A former high-ranking Microsoft exec recently warned that the tech industry is poised to adopt a brave new "post PC" paradigm.

Microsoft goes all digital with newly planned download store

Not to be outdone by the iTunes App Store, Android Market, or the upcoming Mac App Store, Microsoft has unveiled plans to update its Games For Windows Marketplace to centralize how PC gamers buy games.

US Marines perforate Xbox 360 after RROD

Memo to Steve "Balmy" Ballmer and Microsoft: Do not piss off the US Marine Corp. 

Melinda Gates: "Apple? Not in my house!"

Melinda Gates is the co-leader of the highest-capital non-profit organization in the world, but she's doing an even better service for her household in not allowing any bloated Apple products.

Microsoft tips off a 2012 Windows 8 launch

It looks like the next-generation Windows operating system is less than two years away.

Microsoft launches browser-based games store

Microsoft's planning to relaunch Games for Windows Marketplace next month, adding non-Live games and allowing gamers to download products directly from their browser.

Ballmer says Microsoft mobile needs a "lot of work"

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has acknowledged that Redmond faces an uphill (if not Sisyphean) battle to promote its Windows Phone 7 platform in the crowded mobile marketplace.