Microsoft restores access to Hotmail inboxes

Hotmail users are gradually regaining access to their inboxes after a bug left many staring at a blank page.

Microsoft claims 5,000 apps for WP7

Microsoft claims there are now 5,000 apps available for its recently launched Windows Phone 7 platform.

Kinect + old Xbox 360 = red rings of death

If you have an Xbox 360 that was made before the year 2010, be careful before you go out to buy a Kinect and a whole bunch of games. You know what you'll get for those hundreds of dollars? A big headache.

Why Microsoft may succeed in the tablet market

Microsoft is struggling to claw a place for itself in the competitive smartphone market which is currently dominated by Apple (iOS) and Google (Android). But will Redmond have an easier time breaking into the lucrative tablet world?

Microsoft denies Kinect quadrupling

Microsoft has denied that it will be issuing a Kinect firmware update capable of "quadrupling" the platform's accuracy.

Obama calls Steve Jobs, not Bill Gates, epitome of American dream

It looks like President Barack Obama might be a MacHead, because when given the opportunity to call out someone as the best example of a man who has achieved the American dream he picked out Steve Jobs over everyone else.

Rumor: Kinect coming to a PC near you

A Korean developer is claiming that Microsoft will officially support its popular Kinect platform on Windows-based PCs.

Windows Phone 7 sales fall way short

It seems as if Microsoft only managed to offload a total of 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 devices during the new platform's first six weeks on the market.

Microsoft wants to quadruple Kinect's accuracy

Even though Kinect has been hyped as one of the most sophisticated motion tracking devices in the history of video games, Microsoft is reportedly already looking into ways to make it even better.

Nokia looking at Windows Phone 7, the world crumbles

For almost 30 years, Nokia has been a leader in the mobile phone market and has exclusively used its own internally developed software to power them. But now, that's changing.

New promo: buy Windows Phone 7, get Xbox 360 game

Facing extremely sluggish sales and a not-too-certain future, Microsoft is offering big enticements to get people to join the dark, er, Windows Phone 7, side.

Microsoft puts the kibosh on Kinect sex

Just two short days ago, ThriXXX announced that it would be the first company to offer a sex simulation game for the controller-free Xbox 360 Kinect platform.

Wintel paradigm threatened by ARM-based tablets

Is the wild success of ARM-based tablets such as Apple's iPad slowly killing the traditional Wintel model?

Microsoft presents huge changes to Bing

You've gotta hand it to Microsoft. After being literally suffocated by Google in the search market, it has managed to bounce back in a big way with Bing. And it's because of things like this latest batch of updates Microsoft just revealed.

Microsoft sets one-day patch record

Year after year after year, Microsoft has consistently kept its software up-to-date and as safe as possible by releasing security fixes to users at the same time every month. But none of these updates has ever been as big as the one that was pushed out to Windows customers yesterday.

Is Microsoft prepping a Windows 8 tablet for CES?

Microsoft may be preparing to demo a Windows 8-powered tablet next month along with other mobile devices at CES 2011 in Las Vegas.

Chrome OS: Why Google won't beat Microsoft Windows

Notice the key word in the title is won’t - not can’t. Sure, any vendor can be beaten but you have to first be willing to do what it takes to win.

Microsoft to introduce new anti-tracking feature in IE9

Internet Explorer 9 is to include a new anti-tracking feature to help users foil the efforts of behavioral advertisers.

Is making a Windows 7 for tablets like putting lipstick on a pig?

There’s been much speculation about next-gen tablets powered by Microsoft Windows 7. 

However, recent rumors point towards a Redmond-branded tablet featuring a specialized UI running on top of a standard Windows 7 kernel.

Would an Apple console shake up the gaming market?

With Sony and Nintendo dominating the console market, it seemed like only a pipe dream when Microsoft made a grand entrance with its very own Xbox.